HackerNoon cannot be what is is without all the beloved writers. 45,000+ writers, new articles everyday, on every topic one can possibly imagine. 
Marcio Galli
I want to say thanks to all of you. This is real. You have changed my life but as you know things through the internet might just not look real - the complication. The difference between moving forward and giving up is so subtle.

Of course a lot of events - such as intentions and actions I did - have helped me. In other words, I have helped myself such as to believe and even in a romantic way; for example on that dat that I took seriously when HN suddenly wrote that I was nominated. I know. We are to be blamed for that romantic leap of faith.

But then, to conclude and identify the building blocks, I can assure that things are happening because of your end too. It’s real. Every single movement that HN does, prompts, motivations, feedback, editing work - all counts.

Jan 27, 2023
Mayank Vikash
I truly want to express my gratitude. Writing for the readers of Hackernoon has become almost like an addiction, and this response brings me more joy than any payment for my writing.

My story is trending on Hackernoon again.
Oct 22, 2023
Ian Sanders
Co-Founder, CEO at Blue Cape
Really happy to be featured in HackerNoon, in the not too long past I was a CS student and would always enjoy reading articles from their... I would have never contemplated even a few months ago to be featured 😂
May 26, 2023
We really appreciate
@hackernoon‘s way of communicating with their audience.🍸

Humor, pop culture, informative, and engaging, making their content appealing to a wide range of readers 🧜🏻‍♀️
Apr 21, 2023
Ankit Vora
I FINALLY published my first story on HackerNoon.

For years, I have been reading Hackernoon posts from some amazing authors.

But I never thought I was good enough to get published.

So I never contributed.But this year, Will Andrews and Jason Hines from Gigasheet got me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to do it.

What's my first Hackernoon post about?

It's an interview with one of the most AMAZING and AMBITIOUS SaaS Co-founders - Jason Hines from Gigasheet.

If my HackerNoon post gains traction and if you guys love it, I'll do more of these.

Interviewing startup founders is so EXCITING.

You get to learn so much - not just from the marketing side of things, but from the business side of things as well.

I just love working with Jason and Will.

Oh - and HackerNoon awarded me a trophy. Wohoo!

Also, they said, "they'll promote the s*it out of my article" - so I'm stoked. Their email sequence is so mind-blowing.
July, 2023
Annabell Atchinson 
VP|Head of Communications and Product Marketing at IONOS
94 stories - almost 1.5 million reads - 20 days of reading time.
Loving our #webdevelopment writing contest collaboration with HackerNoon! A fantastic way to ensure high quality and original content being shared within the #devcommunity - with incentives for the authors and gamification on top.

Check out the articles and support your favorite:

And let's get ready for Round 2. :)
Aug 1, 2023
Making Internet better place to publish free high quality tech stories without paywall, pop-up ads or a sense of entitlement. 
Screenshot 2023-08-08 022935.png
Nov 17, 2022
I found out about @hackernoon a few weeks ago. Very valuable content all for free. Make sure to bookmark.
Nov 4, 2022
Daniel Jeffries
Hackernoon is still one of my favorite spaces on the web and I have fond remembrences of writing for it often in the early days.
Dec 23, 2022
Nebojsa Todorovic
No paywall. 2nd human rule. Absolute creative freedom. HackerNoon is the future of publishing, and I am blessed to be a part of it.
Sep 29, 2022
WTF ! My article on @hackernoon has now been translated into Vietnamese, Spanish, Hindi & Chinese !
Nov 12, 2022
Dante O. Cuales, Jr.
I started blogging again. I wrote a couple of articles last week and I'm proud to say that both were published in @hackernoon. The first one was featured over the weekend.
Oct 26, 2019
Vlad Gukasov
Sunday morning.

What does a normal person do?
Correct, they sleep.

What does a crazy person do?
Correct, they craft a new article on Hackernoon.
Aug 29, 2023
Prithvi Raj Chauhan
It's been a year since I published Metaverse 101.

It helped me make my first $$ on the Internet and also land my first internship.

Thankful to @hackernoon for publishing and @TheSandboxGame for organizing #EnterTheMetaverse contest 🙏♥️
Dec 01, 2023
The Product Folks 🚀

Is a treasure trove of valuable content that caters to a wide range of professionals such as engineers, product managers, UX advocates, and more.
Feb 21, 2023
Brooks Lockett
HackerNoon is by far my favorite place to publish. Engaged, tech-focused audience. Readability metrics. Smooth writer experience.
Feb 26, 2023
Emiloju. py
Thanks, @hackernoon
editors for making my story better. You guys help me improve my writing skills.

Read my latest story on
Jan 09, 2024
Mayank Vikash
Thanks, @hackernoon
editors for making my story better. You guys help me improve my writing skills.

Read my latest story on
May 01, 2023
Josh Claunch
Wow I thought it would be a big hassle to try to get published on @hackernoon.

Just found out my first article was published! So easy. 10/10. Super motivated to write more now 🥰
May 25, 2023
Jae E
Just discovered @hackernoon and I'm loving their articles on software development. Their piece on data structures and algorithms has completely changed my coding journey as a beginner in the field.
Mar 19, 2023
Sally Chalk
Great news for a sunny Thursday, we've been nominated for Startup of the Year 2023 by HackerNoon which is a great honour. Given that only 12 months ago it was the three of us, working from our homes, we have come a long way in a very short time.
Jun 15, 2023
Yves De Hondt
Thanks HackerNoon and David Smooke for polishing up my post, and offering such a great reading/writing platform!
Happy to give my "shout out" support to you and your great read you grow, you write you grow, you share everyone grows 🌻
July 8, 2023
Hernán Jaramillo
Old, but still very good. If you need to be taught “hustle” refrain from being an entrepreneur. Oh, I did raise $100M a few yes laters for a startup after this post
July 28, 2023
Ross Moore
One of the things I like about HackerNoon is the ability to listen to the articles in different voices. Choices are: Dr. One, Ms. Hacker, Madam Beckham, or Ali Mohat.
Han 22, 2023
Lob Developers
"Your story is trending faster than that time I ran to the washroom after eating too many spicy burritos."

Can I hire @hackernoon to write my titles from now on?
Dec 15, 2022
Connell Locke
BTW, if you haven't seen it, @Hackernoon's Stable Diffusion image creator is incredible! 
Nov 30, 2022
Aidan Sowa

I just got featured on Hackernoon!
Oct 17, 2022
Feyd 🍥
💃🕺sorry, publishing in @hackernoon is a big deal for me. 💃🕺
Jun 04, 2023
Andy Chan
Props to @hackernoon's editorial teams for editing my piece.

Truly amazed at the editing quality and the effort they pour into *every* article that goes through their hands. Excited to see them grow even bigger!
Dec 21, 2019
Toluwalase Nate Kadiri
Freelance Tech Writer
Super proud that my debut article Ransomware-as-a-service: SaaS' Evil Twin bagged third in the ongoing Cybersecurity Writing Contest on HackerNoon. Thanks to the HackerNoon team and all the readers
Oct 24, 2022
Troy Suráz
Oh yes, one of the best moves. I write on @hackernoon & it feels better to be not restricted by medium
Oct 9, 2019
Yilun's Hacker Noon article got almost 7,000 page views!
@NKN_ORG @YilunZhang4#BUIDL #web3 #ssh
Sep 20, 2019
Alex Hughes
Just had my blog accepted onto @hackernoon! Very cool day to be me. It's about the secret sauce of coding, go have a read whilst I phone my mum
Aug 15, 2018
Binary Overdose
Big shout out to the @hackernoon guys & girls, great bunch of people and the best place on the internet to publish your #crypto content
Nov 11, 2019
benoit malige
Just hit the front page of @HackerNoon
with my latest piece, 'The Illusion of Being Stuck'.

Feels like winning the internet for a day.
April 16, 2024
Mayank Vikash
Thank You HackerNoon for being one of the best places on the Internet.
Feb 02, 2023
James Bore
HackerNoon press hat fully on today for Latitude59. Apparently my articles so far have generated a month of reading time, with just shy of a quarter million reads overall. 😲

A number of meetings and interviews lined up over the next couple of days, and should be some interesting pieces coming out of it. So far, loving Tallinn, and the media dinner last night was a great time.

Under the press hat there might be a very well hidden speaking hat. I will be watching presentations and taking notes (for research purposes only of course).

If anyone's around the conference today, give me a shout, I have some time available to grab a coffee. ☕

A big thank you to Limarc Ambalina for accepting me to the HN fellowship, and so paving the way for these opportunities. If you're looking to improve your writing and SEO skills, I recommend looking at the fellowship.
May 25, 2023
Rohan Ashik
Thrilled to announce that my latest Ebook has been featured in the Top Stories on Hackernoon! 🌟

1). It's now accessible in 7 diverse languages, bridging global barriers.
2). And the best surprise? Hackernoon distributed it to their massive 130,000 email subscribers!

I'm beyond grateful and just wanted to share this milestone with all of you who've been part of this journey. Your feedback, connections, and encouragement have been invaluable.

Take a look if you have a moment:

Thanks HackerNoon!
August 14, 2023
A great site, and fast and friendly customer service

HackerNoon is a site I visit almost every day for new interesting information and also to write and publish my own stories. Their team is great - they not only have a friendly and fast customer service, but they also add a little bit of fun to my days.
Nov 25, 2022
Brooks Lockett
Been having a blast publishing articles on HackerNoon. My favorite part is the emphasis on total time readers spend actually reading the piece. Awesome contributor submission process of working with editors too.

The smoothest experience I've had with an online publication. 10/10 HN - you guys built a cool thing
Screenshot 2023-08-08 022935.png
Jan 22, 2023
Lanze IV
It's terrifying considering @hackernoon is one of the greatest free resources for programmers. This is akin to putting soldiers outside a public library
Nov 4, 2022
samaila kamal
Developer Advocate
I wrote an article in HackerNoon and I share how to develop an app for design of simple pad footing using python and VIKTOR SDK.

The app I develop has now been used 100 times. I am really excited and I want to keep improving it. 
Dec 14, 2023
walo, the underscore

Screenshot 2023-08-08 022935.png
Oct 26, 2022
Valentine Enedah
There are so many cool things you can write about on HackerNoon.
Nov 17, 2022
Moch Akbar Azzihad M
Published writers can now generate images using Stable Diffusion directly in the @hackernoon editor!
Nov 25, 2022
Kanchanapally Swapnil Raju
I sincerely express my gratitude to @hackernoon for publishing my article on your platform. I appreciate your site's exposure and am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with your audience.
Oct 10, 2022
Edward Aslin
At the start of this year, after writing a popular article or two, HackerNoon did a little interview with me. 

Seven months later, I have two members of staff and am slightly busier and less relaxed! My staff have generous holiday allowances, and flexible working weeks. But I seem to have lost these things for myself in the process!

I must get my zen back soon and find time to relax. Maybe then I will get my writing mojo back, and write a few more articles, fit for the discerning technologist to scroll through while sitting on the bog.  
Oct 24, 2022
Damjan Vlastelica
HackerMorning, @HackerNoon and Night. If you wanna learn DS better adapt a Hacker's mentality. Great content here and glad to be contributing to one of my favourite online publications
Nov 18, 2019
Sanyam Butani
I really wish to emphasise this, even outside of the post talking about my journey, @hackernoon has been central to my blog work.

@DavidSmooke has been very kind to me throughout this and I’m really lucky to continue contributing to them. 
Oct 23, 2019
Yaroslav Khaletskyy
Super exciting news!

Spivdiia is nominated for the Startup of the Year by HackerNoon!

Spivdiia [read: co-action] is a social startup that provides a P2P volunteer platform that helps people to help each other.

It introduces Aid as a Service to unite the ones who can help the ones who need it.

Votes & shares would be highly appreciated 😊

Link in the comments:)
May 26, 2023