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Our Tech Stories Tab Is Now In the Google Chrome Web Store

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We've released the Tech Stories Tab in the Google Chrome Web Store. This browser plugin will display what human editors at Hacker Noon have curated as the most important technology stories of the day

“Chrome is currently the most used browser of our readership, so we are excited to work more with the browser to curate great technology stories,” said Hacker Noon CEO David Smooke. “The beta has been fun, I’ve enjoyed seeing what tech stories Hacker Noon editors curate in my new tab.”

Tech Stories Tab saves you from typing the 14 characters of "hackernoon.com" every time you open a new tab,” said Hacker Noon CPO Dane Lyons, a bit tongue in cheek. “I expect V2 to include more technology sources, a search filter, and possibly the ability to personalize your new tab by following tags.” 

What kind of stories should people expect in their Tech Stories Tab?  Here are some top stories from Q2 2020:

Hacker Noon’s new tab Chrome Extension makes it easy for you to stay in-the-loop with what’s ~really~ going on in tech today—as told by the hackers building, buying, hodling, founding, and funding our collective futures.

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