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Organic Twitter Growth Hack: How to Repost Viral Videos

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@jgcatalanoJacob Catalano

There is any number of reasons you might want to grow on Twitter. Perhaps you want to build your personal brand, maybe you want to command more money when negotiating influencer deals or just maybe you are the type of person that finds validation in a follower count… I’m not here to judge, I’m here to share a tip with you that will help you grow.

My tip on how to grow on Twitter is dead simple, 100% legit (no buying followers or any nonsense like that) and very under-utilized. Are you ready for the tip? here it is:

Quickly repost viral videos

Quickly reposting viral videos will help you grow your followers because it is highly engaging content. The more engaging the content is the more likes and retweets it will get which thereby increases the overall reach. The more users you reach the more opportunity you have to convert people to loyal followers.

To get the very best results you should try and do three things when reposting a viral video:

  1. Speed. The faster you are able to repost the viral video the better results you will get. This is because the longer the video is out the more people will see the video and users are less likely to engage with the video the second time they see it.
  2. Repost > Retweet. This means you have to do a little bit of work and use a tool like twittervideodownloader.com and then upload when you make the tweet (Twitter will attribute the original poster, so no worries there).
  3. Add your own voice. Whether you are reposting the video or retweeting the video it is important that you add a little bit of text where you can add some context or commentary on the video.

Yes, it is that simple. Let’s go through three examples.

Example 1 — Celebrity/Influencer:

Here is a tear-jerking, heartwarming video that blew up on Twitter

And here is James Corden reposting the video two days later

Even though it was not reposted that quickly the amazing personal commentary helped it become one of his most liked tweets.

Example 2 — Personal Brand:

The original video is posted

Then a week later (7 days!) it is reposted by jason and then it gets way more engagement than the original video and becomes his most liked tweet of the year (it probably helped that he tweeted in English).

Example 3 — Brand

This is StockTwits doing something a little different and posting a viral video from 2014. This strategy works best when you repost the video after it has been quite some time since the video has gone viral. Nonetheless, this tweet was StockTwits most liked tweet of 2018.

Hopefully, you are now convinced that posting quickly reposting viral videos is a great way to make engaging content and that engaging content will increase your reach and therefore followers. Now the question becomes:

How do you find this content?

There are three ways:

  1. With an intern
  2. With a tool like xZeitgeist.com
  3. An intern with a tool like xZeitgeist.com** (the best way)

This strategy works best for accounts that already have a small following but can be effective for accounts of all sizes. I hope this helps and wish you all the best in growing on Twitter 🎉📈

P.S. email jacob@xzeitgeist.com for a discount 😉

  • *I am a founder of xZeitgeist


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