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OpenGenus: A civilization on the web

When people come together, extraordinary things happen.

In my opinion, a person should attain enough knowledge to lead the entire human army to lay the foundations of the current progress from scratch and rewrite history with his or her new civilization.

OpenGenus is the first civilization on the web.

OpenGenus is a large community that tends to be massive. It has over 1K contributors at GitHub and over 500 members at its Slack group. It has been trending on GitHub recently and is often, claimed to be one of the most user friendly community on GitHub till date.

We love all and people love us too

Unlike the real world, it has no discrimination. Everyone has a say in the community and decision is made by collective effort. They are working on problems that impact their life directly.

Everyone is everyone’s friend

Offline is a reality. Connectivity is spreading everyday. They are preparing for an offline World. They aim to enable people to work for long stretch while offline and make research more accessible.

Another vision they are working on is:

Imagine a World where you can feed millions of children without donating

They are working to monetize the web. Donations do create an impact in people’s life but if they could tap the hidden potential, then the impact will increase several folds.

There are animals as well. If you love cats, then you might love the most loved animal at OpenGenus which resides in its flag.

OpenGenus Official Logo/ Flag

In the midst of happiness and innocence of OpenGenus, miscreants do exists. This is very sad but luckily, they are very few in numbers but the impact they left will be remembered for some time.

Our gates (membership) were open to all for a long time and this was taken advantage of. For the safety of OpenGenus, they closed their doors but they do open it when someone knocks (by messaging).

They are heading towards election of its leaders. Some thought leaders are good but others do not prefer it. Despite, it has been the collective decision to hold elections. Leaders will have minimal control or power as they and we believe in unity.

At the same time, there is no lack of resources at OpenGenus. They aim to plant a tree every week by investing some time giving back to the community.

It was a fun week with OpenGenus and I would love to go on tour with them again.

OpenGenus is laying the foundations of building societies on the web.

Catch them on, Twitter and GitHub.

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