Online WooCommerce Bookings System for your Yoga Classes by@devesh_rajarshi
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Online WooCommerce Bookings System for your Yoga Classes

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Yoga has become one of the most popular fitness trends among all age groups. It empowers people’s spirit and boosts health to a wholesome level. People around the globe are adopting and incorporating yoga into their lives. And as a consequence, the demand for good Yoga studios have increased a lot. Many yoga teachers and fitness experts have opened their own studios and earn money along the way.

If you are a yoga instructor or run a yoga studio you will know, an increase in the number of people signing up for the classes is good news, managing the increased number of booking becomes an issue. It becomes difficult to arrange classes, assign candidates and manage the payments.

So, to automate and streamline the bookings for your yoga classes, you would need a robust system that can handle your bookings. And if you are a WooCommerce user then you can make use of a Free WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin. It has the necessary features that will give you the ability to automate the booking process. You just need to set the rules at first and let the plugin arrange the schedule for you. This way you can focus more on the classes and the overall development of your participants.

How to organize yoga classes?

There is no definite answer to this but there are, however, a few important steps that apply to all. We would recommend you to follow these steps to build yourself a proper online yoga session booking system.

Choose yoga styles and assign time to each class

It is important to be aware of the most popular and beneficial yoga styles among your target audience. You might want to stick to only a few yoga styles as increasing the number of styles might tamper with the quality and your dedication. Moreover, you or the hired instructors should be experts in these styles. Doing this will eventually increase the popularity of your yoga studio among many aspirants. It can also prove to be good for your future incomes.


Here are some of the most popular yoga classes:

  1. Ashtanga
  2. Vinyasa Flow
  3. Kundalini
  4. Hatha
  5. Hot Yoga
  6. Restorative Yoga

If you have a WooCommerce website then you can separate classes for each yoga style. You just have to define bookable products by going to WordPress > Dashboard > Products > Add New and then write the name of the yoga class. In the following image, you can see a sample bookable product for the Silence Restorative Yoga. You can mention the relevant details in the description section of the product page just like shown in the image below.


You can mention the yoga class name here

To reduce confusion, you can simply create categories for different type of classes and assign each bookable product to their respective category. For example, if you want to hold four classes of Restorative yoga per day then you can create four different products. You can further divide them by moving two classes in the morning session and the other two in the afternoon. Thereafter, you can assign one of each pair for the beginners and the other one for the advanced.

Ideally, you should have two type of yoga sessions, one for the beginners and the other one for the advanced candidates. The beginners' classes could be completed in as few as 30 minutes. But, you should also include the warm up and cool down exercises in the same session. So, the total time can go up to 45 mins. For advanced classes, you can extend the session up to 2 hours. This session should include a warm-up, stretching, cool-down along with some other mainstream yoga poses as well. This class will require more stamina and your students may go a little deeper into their practice. Which is good.

Define your class duration and cost per class


This option will only appear in the Product Data section once you have installed the plugin. After you have selected the Bookable Product(see above), you can go ahead and click on Update.

Once you have set up the bookable product you have to set the time duration allotted to each class. Let us consider the previous example of the Silence Restorative Yoga and take another example of All Around Yoga class as well. We’ll define them into two separate classes in two different sessions.

Silence Restorative Yoga — Beginners

In order to achieve this class, you have to do the following settings in the Product data page.


Once you have done the above on the Product page then you would see something like the following on the product page.


All Around Yoga — Advanced

Now, if you are going to create an advanced class for a mix of multiple yoga styles then you can make use of the following settings.


Your customers would be able to see the following on the product page.


They can easily choose the available class and you can even mention the price for each class.

You can also define a time period to rest for an hour or two or have your lunch in between the classes. For that, the plugin is packed with an amazing feature called the Booking availability. Basically, in this section, you can define a certain time period which will be non-working and this way, your students cannot book in that time-frame. And if you are off on weekends then you can define that as well.


As a result, the product page would look something like the one shown below. Have a look:


And finally, your students can further go to the Cart page and pay for the class. Here is how the Cart page would look like.



This article is an approach to show you how to set up a booking system for your yoga classes using the free version of the WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments plugin. You can make use of the Premium version of the plugin to incorporate more features into your WooCommerce. This plugin is quite easy to use and configure your business case. Check out this article to see how to use this plugin to set up a Doctors’ Appointment Booking System.

Also, if you need professional experts to help maintain your site, WP Buffs is a good bet.

If you need any help or find any difficulty regarding any of the features in the plugin then kindly comment down below. We would be more than happy to help you out.


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