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One of the fastest growing startups in the dapp space is recruiting

Junktion is a dapp that is a mix between ebay and cryptokitties. This is an article written from one of our talented developers.

We are looking for anyone who wants to collaborate with us, but are on the lookout for the following in particular.

  • A developer that feels comfortable making a cryptokitties or eBay clone using reactjs.
  • An all star marketer that can share our message with the world.
  • A writer with a passion for crypto to write our blog.

One of our developers, Josh is from Japan and has worked on software made for Toyota. This is what he wrote for us on why he joined.

Why I Joined The Team

When I first learned about the project it definitely got me thinking as to how I could potentially grow into a new field of Ethereum.

We have so many Dapps popping up but I think there is a lack of Dapps that actually deal with our off chain needs.

Let’s be real here, we’re not exactly doing everything “onchain” yet.
We still buy(and sell) physical items offchain/offline. While we buy a lot of things online, but what do we do with the items that we don’t need anymore? There are a few outlets for that right now, eBay being the prominent one but do you know how much fees eBay and PayPal takes per transaction?

Check this article by our founder Patrick Manfra it’s insane!

What is trying to solve makes sense, it’s a new outlet. This one has so many more capabilities than prior selling outlets. We think it will become the new norm. We are creating a circular economy, but also incorporating traditional cryptocurrency.

You get paid with scraps, buy with scraps, exchange scraps for other coins, buy a new laptop, sell your old laptop, you get paid with scraps…. so on. This is the circular economy.

See what I mean here?

Yes we used to do that with eBay, but the more you buy and sell on eBay, the more fees you get to pay, not very exciting and we’re not really pushing ourselves to innovate. Junktion does things Ebay can never dream of doing. This is why we are recruiting talented people to achieve these goals.

This is not saying that eBay is bad, I’m not dissing eBay, I’ve bought and sold a lot on eBay before and it works, not perfectly nor efficiently but it works.

Building A New Frontier For The Blockchain Era

What I’m saying is that we’re on the verge of a new era, the Blockchain era. We have an opportunity to upgrade what we have and the technology to do so, we can bridge the gap that separates our digital assets and physical items.

We’re setting up a platform, a bridge. We are here fix the the marketplace, and help the adaptation of the blockchain technology as a community that thrives for innovation and change.

I joined the team as a developer because I believe in the project. I believe that we can do more, that we can make a better platform than the current options that we have. As a developer I find new technologies fascinating especially when it tries to deal with the things that are not directly tech related, bridging that gap.

A Marketplace That Is driven Through The Blockchain, Just The Thought Of That Excites Me.

We want people who feel the same to join us and solve these issues at hand, from a development, marketing or strtegic insight. If you anything of value to add please reach out to us.

Imagine a sentimental item you own being immortalized on the blockchain, being a part of the blockchain. Isn’t that thought enticing? or interesting at least?

We’re still looking for people to join the team, help us build a better marketplace.

Email us at

Joshua Aquino 
Developer at

We can use all the help we can get.


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