Gadi Evron


On having a vision, or strategic intent

from the founder’s notebook.

1. Have a vision, or a strategic intent. (Know where you’re headed, what you want to accomplish.)

1.1. Check that what you do daily fits that strategic intent, from answering emails to holding a meeting. If it doesn’t, ask yourself if you should still be engaged with it, and how much. (In a research into wars, it was shown most (all?) wars start with a policy goal, but disregard it and continue with the new goal of fighting the war itself, instead.)

1.2. Check if you need to change your strategic intent (a vision changes, it’s why it’s a vision rather than a goal.) If you don’t change it, you are not in the trenches executing on it.

1.3. You can live without a strategic intent, having a vision is not a MUST. It does however mean you choose to think a lot more on everything you do, all the time.

Gadi Evron.


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