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28 Stories To Learn About Goals

by Learn RepoSeptember 11th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Goals via these 28 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Goals via these 28 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Here Are The Goals  of Big Tech, NGOs, and Startups

Every organization needs to set quality improvement goals to keep its competitive edge.

2. Wedu Profile

We all know the story of how many startups come and go very fast. It's a fast competitive road, and many startups feel chiseled out within months of creation. Yet, startup founder Moshe Reuven Sheradsky has his company Wedu on a different trajectory that’s more promising than the systems we’re used to.

3. The Simplest Way to Set Goals You Actually Achieve

Inspired by James Clear’s Goal Setting Method, Motion helps you set better goals using 4 main strategies.

4. Create A Vision Statement to Define Your Career Goals and Reach Your Full Potential

Having a clear set of goals is important for developing your career. Without a clear goal and vision, it can be hard to fulfill your career potential.

5. What is the Long-Term Impact of Living in a Technological World?

A technological world sure has its pros and cons

6. Five Things I Would Have Done Differently

I don’t have many regrets in my professional career. In fact, I have none. Regretting is useless and a waste of time.

7. A Solution To Your Mental Health Worries: "Think Big" Towards Your Future and The Rest Will Follow

The ability to think big is the first step to break out of our bubble of self-imposed limits and to channel our energies to explore a bigger and better future.

8. OKRs, KPIs and SMART Goals, OH MY!

Goal setting is one of the most important ways to foster growth, let’s look at some key concepts and frameworks.

9. The New Year’s Resolutions Mega Thread

This Slack discussion by austin, Linh and Limarc occurred in hackernoon's official #slogging-beta channel, and has been edited for readability.

10. A Step-By-Step Guide to Reflect on 2022: The Most Powerful Journaling Exercise

Kieran Drew goes over how to reflect on 2022.

11. Why Goal Setting is Important and How to Set Goals

Goal setting is the seemingly simple process of committing yourself to a milestone in future. This is important both in professional and personal fronts.

12. The Dangers of Putting Passion in the Driver's Seat

Founders need to love what they do. It’s a premise for success that also offers risk for founders as they might fail to shock-absorb their convictions.

13. SMART Goal-Setting: The Technique to Achieve All Your Goals in 2023

Harsh Makadia explains how to achieve your goals in 2023.

14. You Can’t Set Effective Goals for Software Developers Without Data

The most popular goal-setting frameworks — FAST goals, SMART goals, OKRs — break when it comes to the engineering department.

The cornerstone of every framework is specificity, but most engineering departments run on benchmarks and estimations that are vague, subjective, or constantly in flux. Common project measurements, like story points or t-shirt sizes, lack objectivity. And while lists of completed features are definite cause for celebration, they’re too broad to provide insight into the actual work being done by the engineering department.

To get specific, you need data. With information from your VCS, it’s possible to gain visibility into your development workflow and spot opportunities for advancement.

Subjective measurements, like t-shirt sizes and story points, can be replaced with objective metrics that are comparable across projects and teams. For example:

15. 3 Basic Tricks to Smash👊 Your Goals

Do you feel unmotivated? Lethargic? Overwhelmed?

16. Understanding How Bias Affects the Mediocrity Cycle

Humans are naturally predisposed to some attitudes and behaviours which can close us off from good choices.

17. 5 Incredibly Simple Yet Useful Tips To Push Your Motivation Flywheel

How can I make motivation part of my life to do things that will help me achieve my goals in the long run? For me, motivation was a state of mind. Some days I was all excited and motivated to get to my toughest goals and important tasks that I had avoided in the past. Then there were other times I felt lost, unsure of how to make even tiny progress on things I got to do.

18. The facts Ma'am. Just the facts

It probably makes sense to write about where I come from for my first HN story. My next post will be where I'm and we're going.

19. 5 Strategies for Shifting a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

How do you approach failures in life?

20. Goal Congruence and The Importance of Aligning With Who You Are

Goal Congruence: Align With Who You Are

21. Principles of Effective Goal Setting

In most organisations, big picture thinking comes off as a seasonal flavour often appearing every few months. Mental gymnastics that goes with determining the “why” - meaning or purpose of goals, promise of a better future, and the excitement of doing something new definitely gets the creative juices flowing. Though not for all, most people in the organisation find this phase highly energising and exhilarating. But does this motivation last long?

22. Rediscovering Focus: How I Did It

After years of distractions and poor decision making. I rediscovered the art of focus. I realized that if I did not plant my butt in the chair, I would fall behind in my ambitions. Since October of last year, I have been taking serious action to improve my attention span and my ability to do deep work.

23. Systems Over Goals: Reframing The Way We Look at Progress

Hey everyone, welcome to the first edition of The Mirror. This week we’re looking at a different way to approach goal setting. Ideas are adapted from Atomic Habits and How to Fail at Almost Everything And Still Win Big. Views are my own.

24. 21 Important KPIs to Leverage to Optimize Your E-Commerce Sales

The last two years has accelerated the growth of the E-Commerce sector. With such rapid growth, finding the right KPIs is a challenge that many businesses face.

25. 'You are a Scientist in Your Own Lab': How to Set Your Goals

Everyone likes to achieve success at work, but very few take the time to define what “success” means to them.

26. 4 Motivation Theories to Help Improve The Health and Efficiency of Your Team

What motivates employees? 4 psychological theories of motivation show why intrinsic motivators such as leadership development are surpassing traditional perks.

27. 14 Small Productivity Principles You Can Start Practicing Today

Early in my career, I placed a lot of focus on doing more in less time. I thought I was being productive. The reality was I was simply scrambling from one task to the next without clarity on whether my work was effective or how I could do better. I focused on the end goal, the result I wanted to achieve without really caring about the process to get there.

28. Self-Improvement in 10 Short Steps

Before you start with your self-improvement journey, you must find your "WHY" If your “why” does not you affect emotionally (we like to say if it doesn’t make you cry) then it may not be a big enough reason to motivate you to create the better you. Make your WHY genuinely heartfelt and large enough so that it ignites passion and intense emotion behind your dreams. These emotions will inspire urgent need in you for self-improvement.

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