Obnoxious IOS Settings to Turn OFFby@rob-adamson
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Obnoxious IOS Settings to Turn OFF

by Rob AdamsonJanuary 13th, 2019
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2. <strong>Settings-&gt;Privacy-&gt;Analytics-&gt;Share iPhone Analytics</strong>. (Turn off. Why share everything you do?)

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  1. Settings-> Privacy->Advertising (Turn off to Limit Ad Tracking and stop Apple from tracking you)

2. Settings->Privacy->Analytics->Share iPhone Analytics. (Turn off. Why share everything you do?)

3. Settings->Privacy->Loation Services->System Services->Location Based Apple Ads (Disable this stupid option unless you want more Ads)

4. Settings->Privacy->Location Services->Product Improvements (Disable all unless you want your info shared with advertisers)

  1. Settings->Itunes & App Store->In-App & Reviews (Disable to Stop Apps from constantly asking you to review them with Pop-Ups…..Ahhh)

6. Settings->Itunes & App Store->Video Autoplay (Disable to prevents App Vids from auto-starting when browsing the App Store)

BONUS: Turning off these settings will reduce your battery usage