NOAH Introduces Seamless Bitcoin-to-Card Transactions with Visa!by@noahapp
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NOAH Introduces Seamless Bitcoin-to-Card Transactions with Visa!

by NOAHOctober 16th, 2023
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Introducing NOAH Sell: In collaboration with Visa, we're launching a fast and seamless Bitcoin-to-card service in 74 countries. Convert Bitcoin into fiat and transfer directly to eligible Visa cards with a small, transparent fee.
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NOAH announces today its working with Visa, a world leader in digital payments. The seamless Bitcoin off-ramp is available in 74 countries, allowing users to easily convert Bitcoin into usable fiat currency that can then be sent via Visa Direct to eligible Visa cards.

This access to Visa Direct significantly enhances global connectivity for Visa cardholders. Visa Direct helps facilitate the delivery of funds to eligible cards, bank accounts and wallets around the world, supporting a wide range of use cases including person-to-person payments, account-to-account transfers and payouts to individuals, governments and businesses. Visa Direct offers reach to nearly 7B endpoints capability, including 3B+ eligible cards, 2B+ accounts and 1.5B+ digital wallets², facilitating payments in 190+ countries and territories.¹

Users can now transform Bitcoin assets quickly into spending power on their Visa card accounts. Say goodbye to waiting and enjoy an unprecedented, smooth experience with fast access to funds.

At NOAH, we're committed to transparency in our services. NOAH Sell comes with a small transaction fee, offering a transparent service for all users. This fee structure is consistent worldwide, making NOAH Sell a cost-effective and reliable choice for customers globally.

Whether you’re an avid traveller, frequent online shopper, or someone who prefers utilizing debit/credit cards for everyday expenses, NOAH Sell caters to your preferences. NOAH’s user-friendly interface simplifies transaction initiation, allowing you to harness the advantages of transforming Bitcoin into tangible spending power.

NOAH Sell is changing the way you can turn Bitcoin into cash instantly. It's easy, fast, and efficient, giving you more control over your money.

About NOAH:

NOAH, founded in 2021, is committed to expanding Bitcoin access and fostering wider digital currency adoption through innovative, user-oriented solutions set to reshape the financial landscape.

¹ The conversion of cryptocurrency (non-fiat currency) to fiat currency (e.g., EUR, USD) occurs outside of Visa’s system. Visa’s involvement in any of these potential use cases is

solely to send fiat currency funds using an OCT or AFT.

² Visa Direct for Wallet capability is under development and not yet commercially


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