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Buying Bitcoin with USD on Bithumb Global: A How-To Guide

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The leading cryptocurrency exchange which offering cryptocurrency trading and services.

2020 has been a crucial year for cryptocurrencies as Covid crisis has changed investors outlook towards cryptos as an alternate asset.

The escalating pandemic and sliding dollar value has significantly contributed to the 150% growth of Bitcoin in 2020 compared to a mere 30% jump of gold which is considered to be one of the safest alternate assets.

Amid predictions that the dollar might drop as much as 20% next year in the economic recovery from the pandemic, a growing number of investors are backing Bitcoin as an alternative to other assets.

As more investors are trying to build their portfolio with Bitcoin, let us quickly see how to buy Bitcoin through US dollars. 

The very first thing to do before buying any cryptocurrency is to select a reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange. You can choose the secure and reliable top Exchange Bithumb Global (the top 20 exchange in both CMC and CoinGecko ranking).

After choosing the Exchange, visit the Bithumb Global website or APP (you can download the APP from the mobile APP store) and follow the following three simple steps to own your first Bitcoin.

Step 1: Register yourself on Bithumb Global and create an account by using your Email. If you already have an account skip the first step and move to the second step.

  • Enter your E-mail ID and verification code sent to your ID.
  • Enter the password and invitation code (in case you have one).
  • Read the Bithumb Global Agreement and select the checkbox.
  • Click on Create Account and your Bithumb Global Account is ready.

Step 2: Once registered, login to your Bithumb Global account using your Email ID and password. After logged in, click Fiat in the Navbar to buy Bitcoin.

  • Enter the amount of USD you want to spemd on buying BTC.
  • Click on ‘Buy Now’ button to enter the payment method page. Here you can select different fiat currencies and payment methods of your choice.


Step 3: Click on ‘Buy’ button to proceed. A pop-up for order confirmation will jump to the third-party payment page.

  • Fill the requested payment information and proceed to pay.
  • Your order is confirmed and the BTCs are transferred to your account, one the payment is processed.



Well, this is all it takes. With these simple three steps you own your very first BTCs.


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