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Next.js Website Boilerplate

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@tonyspiroTony Spiro

CEO & Co-Founder of Cosmic JS

Check out this website boilerplate built on Next.js and Cosmic JS. It satisfies some common website requirements including dynamic pages, blog articles, author management, SEO ability, contact form and website search.



  1. Fully responsive down to mobile w/ Bootstrap frontend
  2. SEO ready
  3. A contact form that sends an email to your email(s) of choice and to Cosmic JS for easy reference
  4. Full-site search functionality
  5. All content is easily managed in Cosmic JS including pages, blog and contact info. Sign up for Cosmic JS to install the demo content and deploy this website.

Get started

git clone
cd medical-professional-next-js  
npm install

Import the bucket.json file into your Cosmic JS Bucket. To do this go to Your Bucket > Settings > Import / Export Data. Or install the app via the Next.js Website App page.

Run in production

COSMIC_BUCKET=your-bucket-slug npm start

Go to


Run in development

npm run dev

Go to



Contact email Because Next.js doesnโ€™t have a mail server, the contact form uses mailgun to send the email. So add the following constants in the config file.

env: {
      MAILGUN_KEY :'',


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