Newton partners with, now the first native calendar scheduling integration by@sarahevans

Newton partners with, now the first native calendar scheduling integration

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Remote work and work from home are here to stay, that much is evident. Now that more companies are doubling down on long-term remote, infrastructure, tools and resources are priority.

What are some of the biggest bottlenecks of virtual corporate culture? Meetings. In 2020, recorded 182.4% year-over-year growth in the number of meetings scheduled. From Zooms to Meets to phone calls, virtual meetings are growing by the sheer fact that more people are virtual.

We can expect to see many advancements in work from home tools and and resources, as seen by the most recent partnership between Newton (previously CloudMagic) and

The partnership allows for seamless calendar scheduling for individuals and teams within the Newton platform. After a user links their account to Newton, they can share their availability instantly with easy keyboard shortcuts or  even have an AI Scheduler send available times directly to guests, right on the email thread. 

"The opportunity to pair scheduling with a user-first email platform was a no brainer. We've worked closely with the Newton team as our first scheduling API partner on what we believe is a simple-to-use and sophisticated way to schedule meetings natively from your inbox," said Dennis R. Mortensen, CEO and founder of

Founded in 2014, has spent more than 5 years tuning an AI-powered scheduling engine that instantly generates availability for individuals and teams based on their Meeting Templates. In 2020, recorded 182.4% year-over-year growth in the number of meetings scheduled on its platform, as scheduling software became a must-have for individuals, small teams, and enterprise companies.

Newton itself has a great back story and was acquired by customers and fans Maitrik Kataria, of Simform and Justin Mitchel of, in 2020 after its parent company went bankrupt. Originally one of the first email apps to offer snoozed emails and app integrations they’ve since added new features, fixed long overdue bugs and positioned the once legacy email client as a real contender in the space. 

“It was a surreal moment to go from superuser to owner of my favorite email client. The new normal of work from home has propelled Newton further and faster than I could have hoped -- and has offered everyone the opportunity to become proficient schedulers. We love creating new features that help people get time back and gave us a great opportunity to do more,” said Maitrik Kataria, co-founder, Newton.


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