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New Restaurant Tech Creates Touch Free Take Out, Reopens Entire Mall Marketplace

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Restaurants have been hit hard by COVID-19. With massive closures and layoffs around the world, it's been a tough road for hospitality these past few weeks. It can be extremely overwhelming to look at the big picture, but luckily, there are restaurant tech innovators stepping up to the plate.

OneDine, a Dallas-based restaurant tech startup led by Rom Krupp, refocused the past two weeks to deliver exactly what restaurants need right now -- new technology designed specifically around COVID-19 -- and they've been giving it away for free.

They've developed three tech options:

  • Park-Order-Pay
  • Text to Pay
  • Online Ordering

They are doing anything possible to help save restaurants from closure and even reopen those who already went that route. It's one thing to ideate an industry-changing tech and quite another to execute and implement, yet that's exactly what they've done.

Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, Arizona recently closed due to current economic conditions and it was unknown when they would reopen. When they learned OneDine's technology, they decided to implement and reopen their Marketplace to the community.

The technology, powered by OneDine, has allowed Tempe Marketplace to offer this safe and easy service to the community. Customers simply park in designated spots located within the northeast parking lot near Yogis Grill and Panera Bread. Once parked, guests then use their phone to scan a QR code on the signs at the parking space. The QR code returns a list of available restaurants to order from, so that diners can easily make their selections, pay securely, and submit their orders. The order is instantly sent to the kitchen and a restaurant crew member swiftly and safely delivers the packaged-up dishes to their car. 

Tempe Marketplace  in Tempe, Arizona, has transformed their parking lot into a multi-restaurant, no contact drive-in.  The innovative program allows guests to pull into a designated drive-in parking spot, order and pay via their phone, and have a delicious meal served directly to the safety of their car. Then, diners can either nosh in the comfort of their own vehicle or take their eats to-go. All with no touching, no calling ahead and no hassle. 

“We are thrilled to provide a safe dining destination and easy ordering options to the Valley during this time,” said Emilie Andrews, regional marketing director at Vestar, Tempe Marketplace’s parent company. “Whether your family is in the mood for different cuisines or you want to mix and match dinner and dessert from two restaurants, our unique drive-in can accommodate it all.”

How does the tech work? The process goes like this:

  • OneDine sets up their signs and parking spot numbers. Guests scan the QR code, place their order and pay on their mobile phone via OneDine
  • The order goes to a tablet in the restaurant equipped with OneDine's management software.
  • A restaurant team member enters the order into the POS and uses OneDine's payment process, similar to a third-party order.
  • The order is delivered to the guest's vehicle.

The OneDine team is ready to work with any restaurant anywhere in the United States to assist with a similar set up. It can used for airports, malls and any public venue. At the time of this article they've received more than 1,500 inquiries and are getting set up in hundreds of restaurants around the country.


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