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New: Leave a Note For Your Human Editor

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Rumor has it there’s a new feature in town allowing you to leave personal notes to HackerNoon’s editors.

If you’re a long-time contributor to HackerNoon you’re probably aware of at least one way to get in touch with a HackerNoon editor.

Most of you either reach out to the Community, the Facebook group, Twitter support account, or the good old contact form.

While all of those have been “good enough” so far, none of them sufficed when it comes to getting that extra dose of feedback to help your writing go from fine to amazing-super-worthy-of-publishing.

Now, that’s changed.

Let me show you our fresh feature: The Notes


The Notes are your direct connection to the editor working on your story. 
They will allow you to reach out at your own pace and help establish better insight and more open communication during the process of publication.

While up until now, the editorial process has mostly been a one-way street (you receiving the yays and the nays), now the communication between the contributors and the editors is finally a two-way street.

You can use the feature to ask for feedback, clarification, or suggestions.
Like this:


The feature has been quietly live for a couple of weeks now, and it’s been quite insightful to see how it has been initially been used.

What do you think? Do you feel this will ease your process of publication or no?

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This post was written by Katarina Andrejević.