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Netflix and VPN servers — How Do They Relate?

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According to the global statistics, Asia scored highest among the continents with the maximum number of people accessing the internet. Almost 49% of people use various online channels to view their favorite TV shows, movies, videos and so on. To feed the huge demand, various new players have entered in the online space along with a lot of variety of VPS or VPNs or network access services.

The Gaining Popularity of Live Streaming Channels

There are wide varieties of network accessing online service including Amazon prime video, Hulu, Sling TV, Pureflix, HBO Now, Show Time, Netflix and so on. Among all of these online services, Netflix has created a specific impact on the global audience. Netflix has proven itself to be the smartest and fastest online entertainment service provider in the world. Netflix started offering its services in more than 190 countries just a couple of years ago. Within this short period of time, Netflix has conquered thousands and millions of subscribers all over the world. It created a stir among the online audience when Netflix announced to expand their services globally which meant that they could be able to see their favorite movies and TV shows which were strictly available in a handful of countries earlier. When Netflix is officially made available in their countries, people had a notion that they can now access its entire database of content.

Geo-restrictions — the biggest limitation of Netflix

But Netflix has Geo-resisted some content because of its own legal or licensing reasons. Even though Netflix has an unlimited source of content it has to face certain Geo restrictions as per the country’s norms. Which means the contents you can watch in the USA might not be available in the UK. Netflix never promised to open up its entire collection in all the countries for the users which seldom creates a reason for anguish for many Netflix lovers.

But with technological advancements made almost every day, impossible is nothing in the online sphere. Here also there is a way to watch Geo resisted programs in particular regions and the answer is through VPN servers. Virtual Private Network which is commonly known as VPN helps to bypass the limitation and lets you access contents that are open in other regions.

Types of Network Hosting Services

Normally there are two types of Network hosting services, VPN and VPS. A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine sold as a service by the internet hosting service. A Virtual Private Server runs their own copy of an operating system which is known as OS. And to access that operation system customers may have a superuser-level instance. This will help to download almost all of the software that runs in the Operating system. When it comes to Virtual Private Network, it helps to browse the Internet securely and anonymously.

The Clash between Netflix and VPN servers

In Netflix, it is more preferable to use Virtual Private Network than Virtual Private Server because of their functionality. There are some VPN networks that have virtually Geo-locate the internet connection to a completely different region by using their one of the many servers they have around the world. Netflix has been crusading against the VPN servers since 2016. It has been found that they spent exactly millions in blocking and detecting the Netflix VPN. They have been impartially successful in trying hard to get it as they have already restricted and detected hundreds of such servers.

Top VPN servers to look out for

But there is nothing to stress out because there are still some top-rated Virtue Private Network services that have managed to avoid the Netflix’s searchlight and are easily available. Express VPN, IP Vanish VPN, and Nord VPN are the most popular among these. That brings out the best thing among VPNs and more and more Netflix users vouch for their effectiveness in allowing the restricted content in your region.


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