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Need a Career Change? 5 Reasons to Transition into Tech in 2021

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To say that 2020 was quite the year would be an understatement. Who knows what 2021 will hold? One thing is certain, however, as the world still grapples with COVID-19, more and more of our lives are transitioning to online-only. 

Our shopping, our reading and writing, our learning and consuming information, and perhaps most importantly of all — our work. In turn, this means plenty of new opportunities are springing up in the technology industry, as businesses transition to online-only. If you’ve found yourself looking for a career-change amidst the absolute chaos of the previous year, consider looking for work in the tech industry. 

While the field is highly competitive, and the more specialized you are, the better off you’ll be, there’s no time like the present to be involved with an industry that is literally shaping the future of the world as we know it. Here are five reasons to join one of the world’s most powerful industries. 

1. Growth springs eternal 

A play on the common phrase, it is most certainly true that growth in the tech industry is an almost unstoppable fountain, flowing with evolution and innovation and job creation that knows seemingly no bounds because there are the jobs of the future that haven’t been created yet. 

However, we do know that with the invention of new technology, there will always be people who will be needed to maintain that technology. Growth in the tech sector creates new opportunities for employment that didn’t exist before the invention of thing X or Y. 

Microwaves didn’t require repair until they were invented and then a whole new line of jobs was created for people who wanted to learn how to fix them. No matter what sector of the tech industry you’re looking at joining, there is likely a job for you. 

2. More tech doesn’t always mean fewer humans 

It’s often said that robots are coming for our jobs, and while this is certainly true as automation takes hold of certain industries, it is also true that humans adapt. 

And it is also true that because of the advent of new technology, new jobs will be created, or, at the very least, the new technology will lead to an increase in the number of jobs performing the same function. People will always be necessary, that is a simple fact. 

3. The pay is good 

This is a relatively simple reason to join the tech industry, but nevertheless, a compelling one — the pay is relatively good. Obviously, as with every job, those with a particular set of skills will be paid higher than those who have just started out. 

Depending on your qualification, you could be earning up to $85,000/year as a systems analyst, or perhaps if you’re more specialized and can develop software, you can land a gig earning you over $100,000/year (source). Software is the way of the future and so there’s plenty of opportunity for upward mobility. 

4. Land a job as a project manager 

If there’s one thing that the tech industry needs and relies on, it’s project managers. The people who make the wheels go round! If you have leadership skills and are goal-oriented and work well in a team, then you should consider applying for the role of project manager at your chosen workplace opening. 

Project managers perform all kinds of essential tasks for those above them, most importantly ensuring that things are done on-time. They must be decisive, prompt, have good communication skills, and be able to guide workers through a project from start to finish. If you think you fit the bill, look for project manager positions near you. 

5. Someone is always hiring 

The great thing about the tech industry is that it never sleeps. It is an on-the-go all-the-time. 24/7, 365. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are always running. The same is true of myriad other tech companies out there, big or small. This means that someone, somewhere, is always looking for people like you for myriad reasons. Maybe they’re expanding their business into your country and need people who can work in your timezone. The bottom line is that there’s always work for you in an ever-growing industry. 

Whether you’ve been in some form of a tech-based job for a while and are looking to change tracks, or whether you’re brand new to the field, fresh out of college with a Comp Sci degree and ready to hit the road — there’s always a place for you in an industry where the sky is, quite literally, the limit.


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