Mz Stability's Near-Death Experience Started her Blockchain Journey by@alyzesam

Mz Stability's Near-Death Experience Started her Blockchain Journey

Alyze Sam started her life as a hospice and home health nurse before she was hit by a semi truck. After spinal injuries and a new metal clavicle, she took out her nursing retirement and went all into crypto, in early 2015. She was quoted by the HER Foundation as one of the worst surviving cases of Hyperemesis Gravidarum they’ve seen, as she lost 46% of her body weight while pregnant. Sam didn't know how to take care of her family so she started offering solutions to the blockchain world and developed an international career while producing state of the art technology. Sam says Bitcoin "saved my life and allows me freedom I've never had". Follow Alyze Sam for more solutions and reach out to join her exclusive events.
Alyze Sam, #WomenInBlockchain Hacker Noon profile picture

Alyze Sam, #WomenInBlockchain

A smiling survivor serving in ethical tech Termed Stablecoin Queen & “the heart of social impact blockchain”


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