MyoSuite: A Poem  by@singularpoet

MyoSuite: A Poem

The question is re-engineered from four form factors; from light frame frame to light frame feedback. The first finger embodied a neutralneural input way embedded for the virtual keyboard, kept specific.otypes to each chapter's domain. The second finger embodied electrical.proprioceptive signs; signals not-near gloved close to wrist-based.wests at-scale cross-stacks in-silico. We have and will build across subpopulations, with the most privatel always-available architecture;.
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MÆ C E N A S, you, beneath the myrtle shade, Read o'er what poets sung, and shepherds play'd.

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We were and are at the beginning of pure-proprioceptive signs; signals not-near gloved close to wrist-based wests at-scale cross-stacks in-silico.

The first finger embodied a neutral neural input way embedded for virtue's virtual keyboard, kept specific to each chapter's domain.

And another, embodied electrical signal's sixth vibrotactile actuator wherein a sign-chick from the second ported to fit into the concept's capacitive touchpad.

But a seamless key-glancing-glasses in the most novel squeezed-squeeze mechanism. But a tangible touch of electromyography soon-as-when the internet integrates in interface; seen simple self-touch itself.

The question is re-engineered from four form factors; from light frame frameworks for footprint fleets; for haptic feedback furthermore.

Via 2nd camera components, we assume the connection of human constraints hand-tracking computer microgestures with eye-tracking interactions.

An audio array turned-touched the third microphone, the tangible miniaturization set-sensory-motor micro-speaker often optimized.

Electromyography's neuroethical-musculoskeletal model manipulated motion's multimodal tabular data; the canaried or easy-to-ease-and-use egocentric data merged-then-driven by the trillionth super-linear inference.

The use of dynamical-dimensional widthband highs controls server-side processors for reinforcement learning. But by forgone selection-conclusion, it can end by bounded throughput near the edge cloud's die reorientation end at any given tail-latency moment.

It was and is the system's reflective bass decision entering modularized ML, more the algorithm's MDP sequences up to time-to-live leaving all hyperparams' asynchronous odd cache entries done in odd-order.

The previous-next to last more natural ultra-high-medium-low-friction palm-part requiring inferences' adaptive deep-sensory ensurers' extending biomechanical motors ingesting force recognition pre computation.

We have and will build across subpopulations, in most privatel always-available architecture; prefetching tuned memory-efficient requisitions, with hyper parameters as interchangeable— the blue-black-box

with or not.

I'm dedicating; declaring; canarying our simulator to the next haptic heart of the next computing platform.

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