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My Google Pixel broke and I used iOS for two weeks, here’s some smaller comparison points I never…

My Google Pixel sadly decided to shut down and wouldn’t switch back on. I was going away the next day and needed a temporary phone while my RMA processed. I feel like buying a second-hand iPhone is always a better option if it’s temporary. Mainly because it’s less likely to have been rooted (or in iPhone language jailbroken) and it’s much much quicker to sell it afterwards.

As I was using it I noted some points which I liked and didn’t like, and made sure all of them are NOT frequently mentioned

Here’s my top 18 points:

  1. The Bluetooth quality — The iPhone I was using was an iPhone 6S, so it’s around one year older than the Pixel. And the first thing I did was stream music in my car and OH MY GOD is the quality better on the iPhone.
  2. Apps — I kind of knew this was going to be the case, but the quality and smoothness of the apps on iOS is just far superior. And some of the smaller apps I use have a lot more features.
  3. Alarm clock — This one goes to the Pixel, the alarm app is just so much better on Android. Why is my next alarm not displayed on my lock screen, seems like a simple feature. And I also liked the little note that tells me how many hours until the alarm will go off after you’ve set it, it reassures me I haven’t made a silly mistake when setting it.
  4. The Sleep app — I do however like the sleep cycle style app that Apple have integrated
  5. The Predictive text — I found this to be so superior on Android, firstly, the animations on iOS seems to slow me down, and the predictions are a lot more logical on Android. It feels like Android takes in to account the previous words in the sentence, where as iOS simply looks at the nearest keys on the keyboard.
  6. Notification — I know I know, it’s a frequently mentioned thing that notifications are superior on Android, but being able to interact with those notifications is a whole new point in itself. On iOS you have to swipe and click view or clear to interact with it, where as on Android it’s simply one click.
  7. Notification bubbles- — Have 7458 unread emails next to my email app was just absurd and annoying
  8. Does the iPhone really need to flash up for every notification?
  9. The back button — I really miss the dedicated back button. Apple’s answer to the back button of simply swiping on the screen wasn’t consistent at all and only worked half the time
  10. The UI experience — iOS nails this one, the OS really feels like it’s alive and has weight behind it, I love how scrolling carries momentum and the animations just work together so beautifully.
  11. App reliability — My last regular iPhone was the 4S, and I remember it for very rarely crashing. On this particular phone I had an app crash on me maybe once every two days, which is more than my Pixel
  12. The Settings — Having to go in to the settings app to change the setting on another app blows my mind. It became very infuriating having to set up stock apps via the settings app.
  13. Playing Music — I don’t seem able to view my notifications while streaming music. I actually can’t believe that Spotify and my notifications can’t share the same lockscreen.
  14. Charging — The Pixel really did change the way I charged my phone, it was no longer a disaster if I forgot to charge my phone overnight because in 15mins I had a day worth of charge
  15. The Control Panel — You can’t always access the control panel from any app. If you need to switch wifi off on the Pixel you simply swipe down from any app. I found myself having to go back to the homescreen to access Control Panel
  16. Text-to-speech — I use this a lot while driving, if I need to reply to a text to someone. Android is about 90% accurate and the receiver will always know what I mean. But the iPhone was just terrible at this and got everything wrong
  17. OK Google vs Hey Siri — I always thought OK Google wasn’t very good, and had a tendency to make me feel like an idiot even though there’s no one else around. But Siri is just so bad that I couldn’t even get anything done with it. I really miss the possibility of saying “Ok Google, play <Enter band> On Spotify”
  18. Emojis — Apple’s Emoji’s are just far better in my opinion, although I know a lot of people love those blobs but they just aren’t for me

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