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Music, technology and I

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I play with computers

Something that few know about me is that I have an alter ego, maybe I’m not a batman, but close. In a world parallel to programming and entrepreneurship, I call myself blackcerv.

Before having been a developer or even having an idea that I was interested in technology, my greatest passion was music. Since I was twelve years old I spent every afternoon in my room with my guitar, pedals and laptop making weird sounds.

Those were good times. Every day I could not wait to get out of school to get home and start over, it was not about being famous, it was about creating landscapes with sound, of bringing those kinesthetic feelings to reality. translate into frequency what I felt. That was all.

Time has continued to go by and the restlessness is still there within me, maybe I will soon take enough time to produce new weird sounds and make new creations with twisted circuits.

And what about you? Do you have any passion that moves you to create great things? If so, let me know.


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