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MuseScore Removes Upload Restrictions on Scores

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MuseScore is a popular digital sheet music brand known for two big products. The first is an open source desktop app that allows users to create high quality scores. The second is, which contains the largest collection of sheet music on the internet. Today there are more than 1,000,000 scores uploaded by users, with 1,000 new scores uploaded daily.

Since the launch of, an upload limit of five scores was imposed on users with basic (non paid) accounts. One consequence of this restriction was that many users were forced to make older scores private in order to publish new work, and as a result, an ever increasing portion of the overall catalog has been made unavailable to the public.

To rectify this issue, as of the 19th of February, MuseScore is announcing that it is lifting the 5-score limit for all accounts. Users can now save all their scores online and share them publicly.


Musescore is the most popular free music notation software in the world with more than 200,000 downloads per month powered by open source community.

Over 20,000 unique scores are uploaded to by professional and amateur composers every month to increase its online catalog of publicly available scores. The audience of the product is growing by 30% each year.


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