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How I Created Music Without Using Any Musical Instrument

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Let’s review the possibilities of this Virtual Guitar Experiment with Manus VR Prime One Haptic gloves.


Picking and placing the object in Virtual reality Environment being the primary and most common use for these gloves. I sought out to find another use case for this amazing technology.

Challenged with finding a Non-VR Application for Manus Prime One Haptic gloves, after several Brainstorming sections and many weird ideas later. We were all immediately intrigued by the idea of creating music with our bare hands.

THE Input

The gloves provided us with Gyroscope data and the bending value for each finger and thumb.

THE Aim: Turning Hands into Instrument

  • To empower everyone to create music.
  • Making each chord easy to remember and perform.
  • Lower down the steep learning curve of a regular Guitar.
  • Make it fun and engaging.


For a beginner making a chord is tough and painful, and even harder to remember. We saw an opportunity and made that process as simple as bending a finger.

A combination of the bent fingers on your left hand represents a chord.

Using the gyroscope data from the gloves, we made it so if you pinch your index finger and thumb, you could strum just like you do on a regular guitar but now you can do the same in mid-air.

THE Result

Don't just see it, Hear it!

THE Limitations

To accurately replicating a Guitar completely isn’t easy, the tactile feedback, the number of crazy tricks and mastery one can gain over the real thing isn’t comparable.

But not everyone is a master, the idea isn’t to make the replica but to make a tool that empowers us with fun, surprising and creative ways of generating music.

THE Possibilities

In the near future, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a full-on band giving a live performance using one of these Haptic gloves as a supportive tool.

This experiment fairly proves the potential of using Haptic gloves technology in Non-VR fields that can go beyond picking and placing a virtual object in Virtual Environment.


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