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Bolstering Trends in the Music Industry Due to Bluetooth Speakers

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What does a group of university students and a fun picnic on the terrace have in common? Bluetooth speakers. Iโ€™m pretty sure you never saw this coming, but Bluetooth speakers have gained such a humongous amount of popularity in the past half a decade that even the technology giants, and business invicti never saw this coming. In a social situation when youngsters have a tendency for falling into the booby-trap of a huge inferiority and superiority complex, and at a time and place where people are scanned on the basis of their choices in music, cinema, books, clothes. This superiority complex has almost given a huge profit margin when it comes to the music industry.

With the advent of a new and ginormous music streaming app named Spotify, our listenersโ€™ egos were given an extra boost, and the ease of access alongside its user-friendly nature. But how do you get a bunch of teens or twenty-somethingโ€™s to feel the music? By using an amplifier and what better amplifier to use than a small portable Bluetooth speaker.

What Do We Owe Its Popularity to?

Apart from the fact that there are no more wires that are to be untangled, or the obvious problem of finding an outlet for plugging your normal speakers, the best Bluetooth speakers have become a lot smarter than we thought they were. Some of the key features of the best Bluetooth speakers are:

1. Portability: If it was not clear so far, then let us vouch for it again that the numero uno reason why Bluetooth speakers became the popular jock was the fact that it was portable, so you could tuck it into your backpack and blast the tunes or sing along with your friends in a gathering.

2. Rechargeable: The speakers generally come with a power packed combination of a LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) and Li-ion (Lithium ion) batteries, which gets the best of both worlds, since the Li-ion batteries are rechargeable, and has a high power density, while the LiPo batteries do not combust, are flexible and robust and have a lower chance of the electrolyte leaking out.

3. Durability: If you have observed carefully, most Bluetooth speakers generally come with a silicon covering, and this is not to give them a sleek matte finish but to protect them from ground impact if they suffer a great fall. The silicon is also fashioned in a water resistant manner so it is usually safe from splashes, rain or snow.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing:

1. Setup and wireless range: Check if your Bluetooth speaker allows for daisy-chains or pairing multiple units as well as maintain connectivity to a source which is around 20-30 feet away, with obstacles in between and voila! You have the best Bluetooth speaker among your friends!

2. Power-bank facilities and battery life: Nobody would want a speaker that runs out of charge after an hour, right? You should check if your speakers can provide you with at least 12 hours of non-stop playback. Battery stamina is pivotal if you are an outdoorsy person.

3. Speakers with bass radiators/drivers: The best Bluetooth speakers have a different bass radiator that allows a better bass delivery and leaves a lot of room for its primary driver which delivers a crisp and detailed mid scales and a beautifully balanced high scale. Its passive radiator delivers clear yet powerful low scales, which forms the bottom-line of a good audio speaker.

4. Distortion and loudness: Distortion is the functioning capability of a speaker in its highest volume. Usually even the best Bluetooth speakers have a slight distortion at its loudest, but the most tried and tested method of purchasing one is to check multiple speakers and finding out the one that delivers the cleanest audio. The loudness of the speakers are important too, so you have to make sure that audio frequency is somewhere between the range of 100 hertz to 20,000 hertz.

In a Nutshell

We hope this article helps you in your quest to find the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself when you go out to buy one and be the life of the party! If there is one thing you need to remember in red before heading out to get your hands onto one, it is the very fact that it's extremely important to try and test each speaker before you make the final call.

The final call is entirely up-to you since this investment is supposed to last you quite some years, hence, you can take as much time in hearing the audio quality to check whether they deliver a crisp sound, or by playing quite a few songs. Pro tip- try playing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen before testing your speakers. Thank us later!


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