Multi-Cloud Approach⁠: An Excellent Way to Future-Proof Your Businessby@Vivek Sonchhatra
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Multi-Cloud Approach⁠: An Excellent Way to Future-Proof Your Business

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According to IDC Predictions of Worldwide Cloud in 2017, around 85% of Enterprise IT businesses have committed to multi-cloud architectures just during 2018. Multi-cloud approach is rapidly unfolding over the past few years because it provides many advantages to businesses, especially when it comes to reliability, cost, and scalability. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are popular choices which can be considered by them. Microsoft’s Azure, In October, the software giant bagged a massive competitive $10 billion contract.

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Cloud technology is no more unknown to any of the individuals in this digital world. This advanced technology is on the horizon, and it has created a huge buzz in every corner of the world these days. According to IDC Predictions of Worldwide Cloud in 2017,  around 85% of Enterprise IT businesses have committed to multi-cloud architectures just during 2018, this helped them to drive up the rate and provided huge opportunities to bagged massive growth in their business field. 


Nowadays, businesses need to seek help from one or more than one cloud-based service provider to secure and save their business data and for much other relevant information. Business demands huge space online these days, which has given rise to a multi-cloud approach. 

The multi-cloud solution is rapidly unfolding over the past few years because it provides many advantages to businesses, especially when it comes to reliability, cost, and scalability. It's also well known for providing hassle-free access to the businesses, they can access the best and newest cloud-based tools, IT resources which they used previously for maintaining all the service and save their precious time which was wasted after maintaining data traditionally.  

Ways to Consider for Making a Multi-Cloud Approach for Your Business

Most of the business giants can't just settle down with one cloud-based service provider as they have a massive demand for the same. According to a TechRepublic recent survey, two-thirds of respondents responded that they are currently using or planning to seek services from multiple cloud-based providers, some of the popular choices which can be considered by them are, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Apart from that, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud hold second place in the market, whereas Tencent Cloud, Fujitsu Cloud Services, IBM Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud is used by some of the entrepreneurs and own a lesser portion in the current market. 


As the demand for a multi-cloud approach is increasing rapidly, it wouldn't be wrong if we say that multi-cloud holds the future. Even this approach has arrived in many business sectors and in various ways, which include ways of carrying out business, ushering new IT strategies, and much more. 

Today competition among cloud providers is also increasing as every one of them wants to provide much better service to the businesses on their demand. Even businesses give priority to a cloud approach before choosing any of the available ones for their business, now the hybrid cloud is no more best option for the businesses as they have a wide variety to choose from. 31% of businesses go for public cloud while 45% go for hybrid cloud and rest go for public or private cloud approach for their business. (Source)


Top Reasons That Justify Why Businesses Must Opt for a Multi-Cloud Approach 

The multi-cloud approach allows businesses to reshape their business field. Gartner's recent report predicts that remarkable growth has been noted in the public cloud services market worldwide, it was found that public cloud revenue jumped and reached 17.5% in 2019. It is also predicted that it will reach around $332 billion in just three years (that is by 2022). There is no single point to doubt that growth has been driven by cloud infrastructure services, as more than a third of businesses cloud investments in a multi-cloud approach keeping it as a top-three investment priority.


Multi-cloud is far beyond infrastructure, this approach encompasses various cloud-based tools that businesses use or needs to run or perform various activities of their organization. Many of the businesses have already started using various cloud-based services for marketing automation, accounting, analytics, and much more. The growing demand for a multi-cloud approach has made it win for Microsoft’s Azure, In October, the software giant bagged a massive competitive $10 billion contract. Even it has powered its marketing cloud due to which it has become a prime necessity in its multi-cloud strategy. (Source)

Multi-cloud cloud approach allows businesses to use connected and multiple cloud services to reduce overall costs, become more agile with the application infrastructure, increase scalability, etc. This approach comes with huge potential and possesses the capacity to meet the specific needs of the businesses. Although multiple cloud solutions are complex, it helps businesses to meet their targeted goals in no time. There are various reasons that justify why businesses must opt for a multi-cloud approach for their business, they are:  

  • Utilize existing investment. 
  • Get unique capabilities.
  • Operate freely from anywhere. 
  • Optimize costs.
  • Provide sturdy infrastructure.

The multi-cloud approach allows businesses to expand their business exponentially. They even get the flexibility to add or change cloud providers whenever they want, it will be advisable for them to choose their service provider, keeping in mind the market evolution. 

Effective Ways to Implement a Multi-Cloud Approach for Your Business

More than 86% of respondents responded that a multi-cloud strategy is proved to be a boon for their business. They also added that using multiple private and public clouds can reduce their application workload and can manage each information related to their business. 

Over recent years, most of the cloud providers have experienced a drastic expansion in need of the business, they used on an average three public cloud and four private clouds. Unsurprisingly, a significant jump between intermediate and advanced users can be measured by cloud service providers as there is a huge adoption of cloud service by the businesses. (Source)


Before moving to any decision about cloud service implementation, businesses have to consider the following steps. They can even explore steps to know how to leverage multi-cloud solution advantages in a much better way. 

Find Key Areas to Implement Cloud 
The multi-cloud approach provides various benefits to businesses. But to leverage, its benefits businesses have to make sure that they implement the right cloud strategy for their business. Business needs to define its aims and motivations before adopting the cloud strategy. Some of the business goals which businesses can achieve with cloud service are listed below: 

  • Quickening application delivery pace.
  • Improving IT efficiency. 
  • Reducing IT infrastructure cost.
  • Enhancing automation.
  • Expand as per the new market.  

Outlet Cloud Strategy
Every business needs an effective strategy when it comes to expanding business growth and success. Businesses these days are also leveraging fruitful results after seeking help from pay per click service it will help you to reach more customers worldwide. But when it comes to satisfying all their customer's needs and manage the business effectively then cloud strategy comes into the spotlight. Today a large number of businesses have opted for multi-cloud and thus developed a hybrid strategy, which is simply a compo of private as well as public cloud options.


Overcome Common Cloud Hurdles
The cloud journey is not quite a touch for every business. They are always at the security risk as there is a fear of data threat, but when they use a cloud solutions, then it ensures data safety. It also helps them to manage every activity of their business very effectively and smartly. Businesses can also automate needed controls across a different area, which includes operations, finance, inventory, provisioning, and many more. 

Start Your Cloud Journey 
Businesses need to implement a centralized group of clouds for managing cloud initiatives. Define cloud policies before implementing the same for your business, also check its management cost. Make sure that the cloud team includes security, finance, procurement, development, and much more. Make sure that the team is capable enough to fulfill primary roles criteria, which simply include: 

  • Cloud architecture. 
  • DevOps Engineers. 
  • Management specialists.
  • Project managers.
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Make Sure the Multi-Cloud Approach Fits Your Business Needs

Businesses can use various cloud business automation platform, which is available in the market these days, this can help them to manage various cloud environments. This cloud environment can include private, public, and provides various services to businesses. This service includes:

  • Cloud provisioning and billing services.
  • Support & inventory management.
  • Marketing and Sales management.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Customizable marketplace to sell cloud.

Multi-Cloud Approach: Opt It to Prepare Your Business For Future!

Implementing and adopting a multi-cloud approach for your business with a little budget is a daunting task. Many of the businesses hesitate to jump to this advance approach due to its complexity. This is one of the common concerns of all the startups who have just established their branches in a fiercely competitive market. But they have to understand that it's the future and if they don't adopt it, then they will remain far back in the competitive business race. 

However, before choosing the multi-cloud solutions, there are several questions which businesses have to consider, they are: 

  • Whether the solutions are user-friendly? 
  • Will it scale up company growth? 
  • Can the solutions help them to create a single source with minimal maintenance? 

Once they find all the answers, they can just adopt the right cloud solution for their business and can enjoy the fruit of success even after. By adopting the multi-cloud approach, they can quickly achieve the targeted goals in their business. It can also help them to make their business advance and future proof. 

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