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Hackernoon logoMost of MOZ Academy Curriculum Available For Free Until May 31, 2020 by@oiclid

Most of MOZ Academy Curriculum Available For Free Until May 31, 2020

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SDR @ Hacker Noon

Moz, the SEO tool-set maker, is giving a 100% discount on almost all of the courses on its academy's site - with the exception of SEO Essentials Certification, that is.

The language isn't very clear, but I think you'll lose access to all the course on May 31st, so you'd better hurry up and start learning right now.

Oh, and you can take all of the other courses, if you want to . All you need to do is purchase a course. When you are directed to the payment page, you seemly add the promo-code "WEGOTTHIS" in the box that asks for, well, a promo code, and click the apply button.

Once the code is applied, the total cost of everything in your cart - except for the SEO Essentials Certificate, if you added it - would be deducted.

Just don't forget to click on the purchase button to finalize the transaction. And please do make sure you actually watch the videos.

Happy learning!

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