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9 Free Data Science Courses & Guides For Beginners

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We human beings are depending so much on digital and smart devices. And all these devices are creating data at a very fast rate. According to an article on Forbes more than 90% of the world data has been created in past 2 to 3 years.

Now, after looking at the growth of data, companies are trying their best to use dig out important information from that data. Raw data contains so many key points which can be used to take business decisions if organized properly.

This also has increased the need for skilled people having enough knowledge on managing and analyzing data which can ultimately drive organization's processes. People who work on Data for digging out important information and then visualizing it are known as Data Scientists.

Different companies may have a different approach on handling and using data which may change the ultimate work profile but basic work of a Data Scientist always revolves around data. This skills has seen much growth in past few years and it is very much in demand among students to make their career around it.

So here in this article we have listed some free data science courses which will help you in your learning journey. After taking any of these courses you will have the basic understanding of key topics and working of this field. Some courses will also take you further in creating some projects out of your knowledge and skills.

Let's get started with the list then:

1. Beginner's Guide from Data Quest

Starting with something new creates so many confusion in the mind. As a beginner there might be so many questions about this field. So Data Quest has tried to answer questions related to career choices and opportunities for beginners in Data Science. You will learn a lot about this field after going through this guide.

2. Skill's Guide from edureka!

Data Science requires you to have multiple skills for working on data analytically. The results and pointers that you will be finding will become the base for business decisions thus it requires perfection in multiple dimensions.

This guide shares the 10 most required skills to be a better Data Scientist.

3. Free Data Science Courses from Alison

Alison is known for providing free courses and helping students all over the world. They have currently listed 14 courses for both Data Science and Data Analytics. Students don't need to pay anything for taking the course but if they want the certification they can pay the fees.

Some major courses are:

  • Mining and Analyzing of Big Data
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • R for Data Analysis
  • Regression and Clustering Models
  • Visualizing Data and Exploring Models

4. Python Tutorial from Mode

Python is one of the best programming languages for Data Science and thus it is always good to have a grip on it right from beginning. This tutorial series is focused on Python and its use for business analysis using real world data.

The tutorials contains 9 comprehensive lessons for making students understand every bit out of Python for basic Data manipulation.

5. Data Science Essentials from edX

This course is a part of Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science. You can take this course in a duration of 6 weeks with 3-4 hours of learning each week.

You will be learning the key concepts in Data Acquisition, Preparation, Exploration and visualization. Everything is guided through practical explanations and examples.

6. Data Science Foundations from Cognitive Class AI

A beginner level learning path for Data Science with three important courses. You can complete all the courses to get a certificate and two IBM badges.

The courses in this learning path are Introduction to Data Science, Data Science Tools, Data Science Methodology. They are enough for you to learn the process of data compilation, preparation and modelling.

8. Data Science from DataCamp

DataCamp do not have free pricing model but students can get free subscription for two months from Microsoft. When you sign up on visual studio platform it gives you the offer to get free training from DataCamp.

You can take our step by step guide: Free Subscription to DataCamp

They have got complete career path for data science either with Python or R language. 2 Months are enough for you to learn at least one of them.

9. Data Science Tutorials from Data Flair

This would be your one stop tutorial series if you want to learn everything about Data Science. They have written every possible thing about Data Science including:

  • What is Data Science?
  • Why to Learn?
  • Is it Difficult to Learn
  • Tech & Non-Tech Skills
  • Top Skills That You Need

There are more such questions answered and then they start teaching Python for Data Science.

10. Data Science for Engineers from Swayam

Swayam is a Government of India initiative to provide free online courses to students across the world. They provide courses for free but if you need the certification then you will have to pay the fees and give exam at allotted centers.

This course from Swayam covers the basics of Data Science for Engineers. They have used R language for the programming purpose. It is an 8 weeks course starting from 27 January 2020.

So, here comes and end to the list of free data science courses. Hope they would help you to learn this trending skill to get a job of your choice. Do use these resources in the best way possible.

You can also check the complete list of courses by clicking here.