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Moonwhale Ventures: Driving Crypto Global Adoption

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Moonwhale Ventures

This article is a review on Moonwhale Ventures and its mission to drive global adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets. It should not be deemed as financial advice. Please do your own due diligence.

In 2018, everyone wanted to be in Crypto. In 2019, we will find out who really wants to be in Crypto. ~ Cameron Winklevoss


Cryptocurrency is emerging as a new asset class. The rise of Bitcoin between 2015 — early 2018 was glorious. Reaching a peak of almost $20,000 from $200 in 3 years made Bitcoin the best performing asset in the last 10 years. It was truly an opportunity not to be missed. New millionaires were created and its underlying technology, blockchain, has caught the attention of entrepreneurs.

According to Coinmarketcap, there were only 600+ cryptocurrencies at the start of 2017. Fast forward to January 2018, the numbers doubled and there were almost 1300+ cryptocurrencies. The total market cap rose from $17 billion to $823 billion within a year! Not to mention the top 10 cryptocurrency was also very different than in 2018.

Crypto Winter

The emergence of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) was attributed as the reason for the parabolic growth experienced in the Crypto space in 2017. Stories of how ICO founders achieve millionaire status overnight can be found in every media outlet. As fast as it grew, 2018 saw the total market cap of Cryptocurrencies drop from $820 billion to $100 billion. Projects who raised funds via Bitcoin and/or Ethereum are struggling to find ways to survive which has led to a ‘crash’ of Ethereum prices when these projects liquidated their holdings to continue operating. It seems as though the industry is dying and opportunities are drying up.

Enter Moonwhale Ventures

Moonwhale Ventures is based in Singapore, formed in late-Oct 2018. They are building an end-to-end ecosystem for blockchain projects and investors to drive the global adoption. Despite the rapid fall of cryptocurrency prices, the team behind Moonwhale are resolute in their mission to assist projects that strive in furthering innovation and adoption. Experimentation with the distributed ledger technology is ultimately still in the early stages.

Blockchain technology can be integrated with almost every existing businesses. The benefits of blockchain are well-known and the growing number of startups suggests mass adoption will not be far along.

Moonwhale is run by a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of Tech-Startups, Business, Finance, and Computer Science. Leading the team are Co-Founders, Stefan Bergstroem and Danny Christ, with more than four decades of combined experience between them in technology, entrepreneurship, and investments.

Why now?

“The current bear trend of Cryptocurrencies has weeded out the profit-mongering ‘tourists’ and has presented an environment for technology to thrive,” said Danny Christ, CEO for Moonwhale.

The formation of Moonwhale came at an opportune moment when there is seemingly less noise in the industry. When prices are not the focus, real innovation can happen.

Every household names are experimenting with Blockchain- finding ways to improve their current systems or in the name of “furthering innovation.”

Venture capital (VC) is always at the forefront of progress.

The smell of ROI. VCs have entered the crypto world with confidence, resulting in the exploration of switching from classical model and investment sectors into crypto.

A great example is Robinhood, a zero-commission stock trading and cryptocurrency app, ranking 6th in terms of top VC funding rounds in 2018, with whopping $363 million raised in their Series D.

Strong financial-resource deal-flow growth during 2018
The first nine months of 2018 brought us $12.3 billion in total ICO volume. Excluding Telegram ($1.7 billion) and EOS ($4 billion) heavyweights we got $6.6 billion.
2016 — $667 million; 2017 — $1 billion (x1.5); 2018 (Q1-Q3) — $3.9 billion (x3.9)

Smart Money.

Median deal size of blockchain investments has increased by more than $1mil in 2018

Smart money is coming, and improve overall market performance. This, in turn, will contribute positively to the image of the industry over the middle- and long-term perspective. Businesses and investors will run lower risks when entering the industry, and the market will get additional participants and resources for development.

“The truth is, there is no lack of resources on the market — there is a lack of competence and professionals, passionate leaders who are able to feel the market’s heartbeat, to contribute market growth and development.” Andrew Zaichenko

These are telltale signs that the technology will only be improved from here on out. And Moonwhale is preparing for that shift.

Adapt or Get Left Behind


The majority of the world have an inkling what blockchain is but the next step seems to be the hardest — what’s next? who should we go to?

That is where you can consider engaging a blockchain consultancy firm.

Moonwhale focuses on providing blockchain solutions to existing business and is dedicating a lot of resources into their blockchain business consulting. The first step in engaging a consultancy always involve a preliminary discussion on whether the technology can in fact help in your business.

For a product to improve, it requires experimentation and utility. Price on CoinMarketCap will not move until the world start using the technology. When usability increases, mass adoption increases. And when mass adoption increases, we can expect plenty of opportunities. The main issue here is to start working when everyone else is worrying about other things.

I hope you enjoy this article! Please leave any feedback below. Let’s wish for a better 2019. :)

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About The Author

Iliya Zaki is the Head of Marketing and Business Development for Moonwhale Ventures.

Moonwhale Ventures is an STO Financial Advisory, offering companies strategic advice on STO process & structure, as well as token issuance incl. lifecycle management and secondary market on-boarding for their projects. Moonwhale is also building an End-to-End Security Token Offering (STO) Investment Platform that will cater to investors looking to invest in STO projects, and to companies looking to raise capital through STO to finance business expansion or new ventures.

For more information, visit: Moonwhale STO Solutions

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