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Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Showcases New Monsters, Locations & Returning Favorites by@hackernoongaming

Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Showcases New Monsters, Locations & Returning Favorites

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During the latest Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed new details on Monster Hunter Rise, including new monsters, some returning ones, new locations, and more for the upcoming game. The upcoming game is due out for the Nintendo Switch console later this March.

The new trailer offers a look at some of the game’s newest monsters, the Rakna-Kadaki and Almudron, along with five classic returning monsters. It also showcases residents of the Kamura Village uniting together in order to fight off the incoming Rampage. Once the hunters leave the village, they will be able to explore the Lava Caverns and the Sandy Plains as new hunting locales. 

Players will have access to various tools and companions to face the coming Rampage, including the Wirebugs, Palicoes and Palamutes, and Wyvern Riding. The trailer also showcases defenses players can use for the Stronghold, the primary defense systems for Kamura Village. The Stronghold has options to use against monsters, including barricades to slow them down and installations to dissuade their advances. Ultimately, the hunters will have to work together to stop the monsters of the Rampage.

Monster Hunter Rise Trailer

Capcom plans to release more details on the Rampage later on. Monster Hunter Rise hits the Nintendo Switch on March 26. You can check out the newest trailer for the game below.

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