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Mobilize — a better alternative to Google Groups

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@Michelle_SalomonMichelle Salomon

If you’re managing a group of members/partners, my startup Mobilize (mobilize.io) combines CRM+messaging+robust permissions in one place.

It’s like replacing Google groups, Mailchimp, Facebook groups, Google registration forms, spreadsheets, events, Doodle polls, group SMS, and file sharing, all 9 rolled into one, plus built-in analytics.

1st ever platform designed for group communication, from independent groups to enterprise networks.

Good for professional networks, marketplace / on-demand networks, shared economy, resellers, developer relations, student or alumni groups, fellowships, accelerators or VCs, coworking spaces, HOAs, crowd companies, enterprise experts programs, volunteers, and partner or vendor management.

Mobilize’s group communication platform is helping clients (Microsoft, Google, Etsy, Prezi, Seedcamp, Vinted, even Special Olympics parents community!) to organize and contact members or partners, in far more sophisticated way than Google Groups.

Rebecca Saylor, SF Etsy, Team Lead
I was so ready for an easy way to manage all the local Etsy sellers, the events calendar, and to have meaningful community discussions.

Link here to sign up

Or send me a note, michelle@mobilize.io :)

Quick preview of the communications dashboard:

Here’s what the emails look like on the platform and to a recipient in their regular email (people can reply to polls, too, all via email):

On the database side, you can have unlimited fields and labels, which are embedded into the email system:

You can also get analytics across the entire network (great if you have multiple sub-groups)

Check it out, mobilize.io


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