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Services That Will Help You Run A Website

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@daniel-wilson1Daniel Wilson

Economics graduate, chief editor at Freepps.top

The idea to create a website came to me in the economics university. I used to make a living as a freelance tech expert and dreamed of monetizing my writings with more profit. A website with mobile app reviews appeared to be the best solution. It matched both my mobile-nerd interests and the rapidly growing market demand.

That’s frankly ironic, but mobile apps are not only the objects of reviews. They’re also my best companions for all daily routines and content creation. Apps help me manage Freepps.top anywhere I go, so I decided to tell you about the most crucial of them. 

1. Google Docs – Content Creation 

Since my platform is article-driven but doesn’t require too deep editing, Google Docs perfectly deals with everything and doesn’t take a line in the budget. It’s also a unique tool for collaboration. As a chief editor, I love checking and offering changes to articles made by staff writers and collaborators from my iPhone or iPad and get notified on Gmail when the work is done. 

Quick access sharing saves the day quite often when I don’t have enough time to finish urgent pieces for the blog. Finally, the free integration of other services by Google lightens up the burden of dealing with numerous accounts. Customers and writers love to get in touch via Google Docs as it’s so easy to set up and use, let alone automatic saving, instant cloud backup, cross-platform sync, and an option to integrate it into the website publisher. It’s the most versatile free solution, so I recommend you to study it deeply.

2. Grammarly – Always Check Yourself

We all use this app on all devices at Freepps.top to avoid making mistakes in articles and messages by accident. No matter how big your audience is, you are responsible for every word you publish. Grammarly is picky enough to help you with that, especially when the pace is overwhelming. 

3. PayPal – Universal Payment Tool 

Proceeding daily payments is a basic daily routine for both beginner-level and popular websites. PayPal offers a universal toolbox for covering staff work, SEO expenses, and for making any other transfers internationally. 

4. WordPress – Run A Site On The Go

If your coding skills leave much to be desired and the budget is low, WordPress is the best solution to create a website and run it until you start grossing enough to hire a webmaster. The mobile version of the service is perfect for posting on the go, monitoring website stats, fixing issues, and answering to users’ comments. WordPress runs over 30% of the web, so it’s the foremost option to consider. 

5. Canva – When There’s No Good Free Stock Images

Free stocks, such as Pixabay, usually help to find high-quality images for articles. However, a moment when there’s no suitable pic always comes at the most inconvenient time. That’s where Canva lets you pick up one of 60,000+ beautiful templates, tune them to fit your needs, and copy straight to the publisher within minutes. 

Did I Throw Away The Computer? 

The level of portability and an impressive functionary of apps can make you more mobile than ever. Apps gave me the opportunity to give more time to my family, self-development, and traveling. The computer is still needed for dealing with large amounts of work and complicated setups, but you can give it up for anything else. 


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