MIMIR Blockchain Solutions Names First Advisorsby@bluephoenixinc
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MIMIR Blockchain Solutions Names First Advisors

by John LicataApril 6th, 2018
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MIMIR <a href="" target="_blank">Blockchain</a> Solutions, the world’s first Decentralized Ethereum Service Provider (DESP), is proud to welcome <a href="" target="_blank">Navroop Sahdev</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Ali Hassan</a> as the company’s first Advisors.

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MIMIR Blockchain Solutions, the world’s first Decentralized Ethereum Service Provider (DESP), is proud to welcome Navroop Sahdev and Ali Hassan as the company’s first Advisors.

With an eye towards using middleware layer infrastructure solutions to address the most prominent issues in blockchain technology today (Scalability, Security, Accessibility), “the time is right for MIMIR to leverage top industry expertise”, according to CEO Nicolas Fierro. “The deep and unique insights into blockchain that Navroop brings to MIMIR from academia, coupled with the tremendous financial acumen Ali possesses in the cryptocurrency space, will be invaluable as MIMIR looks to enter into its next growth cycle,” added Fierro.

Ms. Sahdev has worked at Harvard University and United Nations Environment Programme and is currently a Fellow at MIT Connection Science. She holds several leadership roles in the DLT space as a practitioner as well as researcher. Navroop is an economist by training with three masters including: IP Management, Economics of Innovation and Applied Economics. She is also a Research Fellow at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies where she focuses on cutting edge research and design thinking on Distributed Ledger Technologies and implications for socio-economic structures. In addition to co-authoring Hyperledger’s Blockchain for Business online course, Navroop speaks regularly at FinTech and blockchain conferences.

On being named one of the first Advisors to MIMIR, Sahdev revealed, “I am honored to be a part of the MIMIR family and the incredible team that’s making huge strides in realizing the potential of distributed ledger technologies and what they can do to transform our economies, economic relationships and the way we do business. I think the technology is a game changer for almost every major industry and the teams that are building the protocol layer would be the winners down the line.”

Mr. Hassan is the CEO of Crescent Crypto Asset Management, a company he Co-Founded to fill the demand for an institutional quality passive investment vehicle in the cryptocurrency market. Ali began his career as an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs where his responsibilities included executing syndicate sales for the investment bank’s IPO and follow on offerings, managing a portfolio of $4.5B in private assets, and trading highly illiquid publicly traded small cap securities. He also was a venture analyst at Fairview Capital Partners, and a member of the investment team where he focused on deal sourcing, due diligence, valuations, and investment monitoring for the company’s venture capital, and co-investment portfolios.

Hassan commented, “MIMIR is one of those rare projects we’ve seen at Crescent Crypto that transcends any particular smart contract protocol. The suite of blockchain as a service applications MIMIR provides is truly remarkable. MIMIR has the potential to touch every issuer, investor, miner and enterprise operating in the ecosystem. I’m proud to now have the opportunity to work closely with this talented team.”

About MIMIR Blockchain Solutions

To minimize operational costs and increase the security offered by traditional web APIs, MIMIR Blockchain Solutions, an Atlanta, Georgia-based company, is creating the world’s first Decentralized Ethereum Service Provider (DESP), a new industry category that takes Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) beyond the cloud. The company’s flagship product, the MIMIR Blockchain to Internet (B2i) Bridge, brings blockchain to those “off-chain” by allowing direct access to the Ethereum-based Decentralized Application ecosystem from any web-connected device without the need for third-party trust.

The MIMIR Blockchain to Internet Bridge will allow those individuals with existing nodes to get paid for hosting blockchain access to those “off-chain”.

MIMIR is actively pursuing case study partners with Dapp developers and web APIs. These markets are in need of infrastructure solutions to satisfy the existing demand for nodes.

MIMIR Blockchain Solutions Website

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