MIMIR Blockchain Solutions Development Update May 25 by@bluephoenixinc

MIMIR Blockchain Solutions Development Update May 25

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John Licata


Development Update:

This week’s development was focused on stabilizing the latest round of feature additions and laying the groundwork for our next set of improvements. Worker clients will soon be able to cache certain commonly requested components of blockchain state, which will improve the speed and efficiency of queries. Explicit support for a lighter-weight variant of the protocol, suitable for consortium chains, is also in the works. Finally, we are working on reorganizing the main alpha codebase repository, which should make exploring the codebase somewhat less daunting for newcomers.

New MIMIR Video Created:

The blog, The MIMIR B2i Bridge: The Ease of a Web API, The Power of a Node, was published last week. We have created a video version of this blog for those of you who prefer video’s or are more of a visual learner. Take a look and let us know if you have any comments or questions.


This Week:

On Tuesday, the 22nd, our CTO, Hunter Prendergast, taught a Solidity workshop, locally, here in Atlanta at General Assembly. Those who attended caught on quickly and asked great questions. We were there until we eventually were told the place was closing down! Thanks again to those who attended and we look forward to the next class.


Hunter continuing with questions with a Solidity workshop attendant after class

One of our software engineers, Johannes, was in Berlin this past week. While there, he had the opportunity to meet the founders of AnyLedger. It’s always great meeting like-minded engineers who enjoy talking blockchain and are trying to change this space. Thanks again for meeting with us this week guys!


Johannes (middle) with Lorenzo Pieri (left) and Bogdan Djukic (right)

Upcoming Events:

June 15–16 > Blockchain Bash, Philadelphia Hunter will be teaching a Solidity workshop at the Blockchain Bash event in Philly in June. Let us know if you plan on attending and would like more information on the course.

GDPR Update:

At MIMIR, we take GDPR very seriously and as such we want to lead by example. As a blockchain startup we are updating our Privacy Policy (stay tuned). We also wanted to share with our readers that our weekly newsletter, “The Chain”, is being sent to by way of our partner MailChimp, a co. who is also leading on the GDPR Privacy Policy front. Additionally, Medium, the site you are reading this development update, has also updated their own Privacy Policy

Other news:

We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing long holiday weekend. We wanted to specifically thank all of those who have made it possible for all of us to enjoy our freedom. We appreciate all of you!


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