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Millennial Students and The Allure of the Tech Industry (Part 1 of 2)

In a world that heavily relies on technological advancement, it can often be difficult not to feel as though a position in any other field is rather null and void. Although traditional jobs are also stable and vital to the growth of our culture and economy, it seems as though more and more young students are choosing to turn towards the tech world for a brighter future. In fact, 40 percent of bachelor’s degrees for men and 29 percent for women are now in the STEM field, and for good reason.

The truth is, the tech industry is healthy and flourishing. It never fails to push forward and advance in our modern world and, with this growth, a plethora of new job openings are available. Therefore, it’s truly no wonder why young adults are reaching for the stars and hoping to become the next big name in an industry that not only welcomes them, but provides them with a life that many other industries simply could not.

Although not all of these positions are at massive tech giant companies like Google and Apple, most tech jobs provide benefits, job security, and a future as bright as the industry itself even before students graduate from the colleges of their choice. However, to truly understand just how ideal these positions are, we must first look at what they provide young millennials with that other jobs cannot, and discuss exactly how these students receive said jobs even before they graduate.

Job Security is Vital

We all know that “impending doom” feeling that comes along with a job you simply don’t feel secure in. The fear that is associated with keeping a job, especially one of the first you receive during college or directly after you graduate, is often a complete nightmare. However, the tech industry is one that relies on your skills rather than your expendability. Therefore, it is a great alternative to other jobs young individuals tend to be qualified for during their college years and directly after graduating.

Furthermore, it provides job security simply in the form of the work these individuals are completing. If the student is currently working towards a Masters of Computer Science, for example, they may receive a job working in web development or IT, and receive projects and milestones such as completing full websites or helping to optimize programs for entire companies. With this in mind, it is easy to see how projects create a sort of stability as firing an individual before the project is complete would be more work than it is worth, especially if the individual actually knows what they are doing.

Lastly, the biggest reason as to why these positions create a sense of job security comes in the form of the market and the industry itself. The truth is, there is never a decrease in the amount of available tech positions, and this creates a thriving and enticing industry. With new technology creating opportunity every day, the need for qualified young individuals continues to increase, and this is where the ultimate job security aspect comes into play as it means there are more jobs than candidates leading to less expendability.

From app development all the way to autonomous transportation, the opportunities are endless and the profit is ever-expanding. In fact, the average app developer makes a salary of over $66k per year and, with the first autonomous vehicles coming to Texas, the market for autonomous transportation is slowly beginning to take hold likewise. With so many jobs to choose from, it is actually harder to not find a job in the tech industry, and even when one doesn’t fit the needs of a student, there are countless more positions out there that do. With this said, it is clear that the tech industry provides a job security other positions simply cannot.

The Benefit of Benefits

Although job security is highly important, another major form of security that should be addressed when looking for a career is health security. Benefits such as life insurance, affordable health care, and even retirement funding are truly what makes a company enticing to start. Let’s face it: America is currently facing a healthcare epidemic, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better with the new healthcare bill heading to Congress.

With this in mind, young individuals must search for companies that supply them with the healthcare and future planning necessary to ensure that these drastic healthcare changes don’t affect them. Many jobs that offer work to college students or graduates often come in the form of paid internship or assistant work to start, and this leads to countless young individuals being uninsured and suffering the cost. In fact, studies show that one in five adults ranging from 18 to 36 years old cannot afford health insurance on their own and 16 percent of young adults claim they do not plan on having health insurance in 2017.

Because of this, there is a certain rush to get millennials health insurance before the possible repeal of Obamacare and this is where the tech industry comes in. The tech industry offers full coverage for most of its positions making it one of the most fully covered industries in America and this includes health coverage for women as well. In fact, with the rise of women in technology in the last few years alone, it’s no surprise that many of these health care plans deal heavily with health issues specific to women’s health.

In turn, the tech industry is a wonderful place for both men and women to find affordable healthcare plans and, due to the fact that these positions pay well, it provides the individuals with a healthy income that isn’t affected by the money their healthcare plan takes from it each month. However, to really understand just how financially stable these positions are as well, we must look towards the future and determine just how bright it truly is for the tech industry and its countless contributors.

The Future is Bright For The Tech Industry

With an industry such as the tech industry, it’s pretty hard to become outdated. In fact, the individuals and companies that make up the tech world seem to pride themselves on advancement and growth, as well as making tech that betters our culture and lives. With this being said, it’s no surprise that the tech industry and all of its counterparts are only becoming more and more successful and vast as each day passes. In turn, the financial stability these jobs provide makes way for even more young, brilliant minds turning towards them, and the market only continues to grow and evolve with each addition.

On top of this, more and more young individuals are choosing to get degrees in various STEM programs, as they are the foundation with which many of these positions are built upon. In fact, one of the top money making STEM majors in America is based in computers, statistics, and mathematics, which are three of the most integral parts in various tech positions such as coding, web development, and data analytics.

Furthermore, with new technology making way for new opportunities every day, the VR/AR market and autonomous vehicle markets are both beginning to take in new, young minds and create a future that is full of autonomy and convenience through technology. Because of this, these young individuals are not only given financial security, but also are given the kind of pride in their work they long for and the ability to be a part of something bigger than themselves in the process.

With all of this in mind, many young students may be wondering what it takes to become a part of such a thriving community of movers and shakers, and worrying that it takes far more work than they previously thought. However, the truth is that it simply takes time, a bit of hard work, and a dedication to learning in order to make a name for yourself in the tech industry. With these three things, anything is possible, and a life of stability and pride is, in no doubt, ahead of you.

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