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Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Release Date Set for May 6th

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Metro Exodus is due to receive a fresh coat of paint. The official website for the hit first-person shooter experienced has confirmed that Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will officially launch on May 6, 2021.

The PC Enhanced Edition is a free upgrade to all owners for the original release of the game on Steam, Epic Games Store, Good Old Games and the Microsoft Store. Developer 4A Games is promising that this new update will be "radical" and offer the capability of Ray Tracing GPUs.

The addition of Ray Tracing Features includes such features as Advanced Ray Traced Reflections and support for the DLSS 2.0 on NVIDIA. This will offer the game a higher level of detail, framerates and display resolutions. The announcement noted that the update involved additional collaboration with NVIDIA to upgrade the previously existing Ray Traced Global Illumination for the game's original release. 4A Games is promising that every light source for the Enhanced Edition will be "fully Ray Traced," along with the "Ray Traced Emissive Lighting tech from The Two Colonels."

Upcoming Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Details

Players who want to enjoy the Enhanced Edition will need a Ray Tracing capable GPU, which is one of the minimum spec requirements. Also, the Enhanced Edition will be offered as an extra entitlement product to all currently existing players for Metro Exodus on PC, and it will not be a simple "patch" update for the base game.

Some other important notes from the FAQs for the Enhanced Edition release, it will require Windows to Run, and it will not be available on Linux or Mac operating systems. However, Exodus players on Mac OS will be able to utilize Ray Tracing using GeForce NOW. I won't be available on Google Stadia or Amazon Luna either.

Metro Exodus first launched as a multi-platform release in February 2019.

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