'Metaverse and Blockchain will Have a Parallel Future' by@carloocchiena

'Metaverse and Blockchain will Have a Parallel Future'

The metaverse is an expanding parallel universe (or meta-universe) where people can access via web and create identities and avatars and impersonate them to create relationships or interact with this virtual universe. The term is often associated with VR or AR, implying a physical connection to the metaverse. The concept originates from Cyberpunk subculture. It's like a social network, but to the nth power of the social network. It combines different needs: entertainment, relationships, education, exploration, exploration and education.
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The metaverse is quite possibly the future of the internet. To help our readers learn more about it, we've started this metaverse interview series.

These are the questions we've compiled to ask experts in blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, and game development, within the HackerNoon community. The series is intended for tech professionals to contribute their insights about the current state and the future of the metaverse.

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HackerNoon Interviewer: So let’s start! First, tell us a bit about yourself. For example, name, profession, and personal interests.

Hello HN folks! I am Carlo Occhiena, a long time Hackernoon writer. After 10+ years in enertech, I am now building up Aziona, my own company.

Please sum up what the metaverse is in 1 to two paragraphs.

First thing first, Metaverse originates from Cyberpunk subculture. This is something we should keep in mind.

Metaverse is an expanding parallel universe (or meta-universe) where people can access via web and create identities and avatars and impersonate them to create relationships or interact with this virtual universe. Today the term is often associated with VR or AR, implying a physical connection to the metaverse.

Are you currently, directly or indirectly, working on building a metaverse?

I’d like to! But nope, I am pretty far from this kind of business atm.

In your opinion, is the metaverse inevitable, or is it just another passing trending tech topic that'll lose hype?

I would say neither. I believe nothing is strictly inevitable, as history is still to be written (and, otherwise, I would have invested in the metaverse a long ago!).

On the same side, it is far from being a fad.

If you’re familiar with gaming you already know that the concept of the metaverse is not new at all. Actually is like 30 years old and it has been deeply explored in many movies, books, applications, and companies.

To me, it will be the main topic of the next 3-5+ years.

Why is the metaverse such a revolutionary concept?

The metaverse is the perfect union of different worlds.

Of different applications. Web, internet, immersive technology, CGI.

It also combines different needs: entertainment, relationships, exploration, education. It's like a social network, but to the nth power.

The opportunities there are really great. Have any of you seen Ready Player One? :)

What can people build in the metaverse that we can't build on the Internet, or in virtual reality today? What limitations of our current technology does the metaverse free us from?

It is not an easy question atm. But I personally see great opportunities from a safety, accessibility, gender equality perspective.

However, I can't see it as a breaking point with the current tech scenario, but rather an evolution.

A place where I can not only purchase services and experiences, but also enjoy them contextually.

Where I can meet people and not need to know anything about their identity IRL. A self-consistent place. This is why for example I think of the points mentioned just above. Certainly, for the same reasons, it can be a double-edged sword.

How are the metaverse and blockchain related? Can we build a metaverse without blockchain technology?

I think at this point the decision has already been made.

We agree that metaverse and blockchain will have a parallel future. We're thinking about everything related to on-platform transactions. We think about all the items that can be purchased during the metaverse experience. I struggle to think of a tracking system that is more consistent and transparent than blockchain.

The concrete cases we're seeing these days confirm this hypothesis

How quickly do you think the metaverse will be developed? How much can we expect metaverse tech to grow in the next 5 to 10 years?

I'm a big proponent of exponential technologies and a tech-optimist.

So I think we're going to see a huge acceleration, and that the metaverse will be a reality in the next 3-5 years.

Likely in 5+ years, we'll be talking about something completely different, and the metaverse will be something that is fully established.

Speaking of technologies, I think a key theme will be getting rid of hardware limitations.

Keyboards and mouses do little to fit that context, and VR visors are still somewhat in progress.

What is your hope for the metaverse? Do you have any worries or does the concept pose any threats?

Today we are essentially talking about the metaverse for gaming and the social networking world but I think this will have great potential for the B2B world and the world of business in general.

Let's think about the possibility of having a virtual office where you can welcome clients and colleagues.

Where you can make pitches and presentations. Where we can also use cloud resources as if they were extensions of our work environment.

This fascinates me a lot.

I believe - but they are my thoughts - that among all the various players, Microsoft is more focused on this particular evolution.

Apart from that, I am optimistic and I welcome this new evolution. As for the rest, like all technologies, it should be handled with care. Even a corkscrew can cause damage if used improperly, I mean :)

Thanks for your time! Any final words?

Nothing in particular! it felt good to do this piece, see you in the metaverse!

Lead image via Ready, Player One film.

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