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Meeting Room Booking System: How to Manage It Efficiently

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In the present world, the work environment is characterized by any organization that is at a fast pace and has a large amount of exchangeable information. According to a research study, an employee spends their time in about 50 meetings per month on average. No wonder meeting rooms are completely booked up, and generally, an organization needs to have pre-bookings.

Managing Meeting Rooms

Fortunately, there are many ways in which we can improve our meetings. Besides measures like setting a clear agenda and preparing the participants, a meeting room booking system could add significant value to the meeting culture of your organization. Meeting rooms are not only valuable but play a very crucial role in any organization. A gathering point for employees and taking crucial decisions, presentations all this offers additional revenue opportunities.

The reason why a meeting room booking system can offer commercial and operational benefits in the following ways:

Reducing Admin and Paperwork

Traditional meeting room booking requires lots of manual admin work, like filling forms, timetable of a meeting room, and facilities involved. But allowing the booking of meeting rooms online takes away all the tedious work of long-winded booking forms and manual management of diaries.

With the ultimate advanced system that captures all the essentials from room layout to the number of people and also at the same time caters all equipment necessary. An automated booking process can be time-saving and will improve your efficiency and productivity within the workplace.

The Hassle of Spontaneous Meetings

In many organizations, there are different ways of booking a meeting room, which is pre-scheduled generally 2-3 days ahead of the time. But the problem arises when it comes to spontaneous meetings. If you come across an empty meeting space and use it by starting the conversation then suddenly, a colleague knocks on the door, telling you the room is booked for a client meeting. There begins the search for another room.

The solution to this problem is a meeting room booking system. You can visualize the digital room calendar, and you can spontaneously book the room if required, by simply placing the query in the booking system and checking the availability of meeting rooms for your required size.

Room Availability

Many times it happens that you require a meeting room, but it’s occupied. Also, in big organizations where they have quite a few meeting rooms, it goes unnoticed that they have unoccupied meeting rooms. People may be looking for a meeting room completely unaware, which meeting room is empty that they could utilize for a meeting. So room availability could be a big issue as it may end up lowering productivity in an organization or delayed decision taking can also affect the overall performance of employees.

So a meeting room system can easily tell you about the available rooms for meetings and also how many people can be accommodated and other important information a person requires when they are preparing for some exclusive meeting with clients. The system will give you a view of the utilization rate, no-show rate, meeting lengths, and the number of participants, etc.

Reservation System

A centralized reservation system operating in real-time will actually help the organization with an overview of the important meetings that directly affect important decision-making processes, affecting the productivity level and the revenue too. Some common features that a meeting booking system includes are:

  • Real-time availability
  • Showing next availability metrics
  • Multiple reservation resources can be involved
  • Email confirmation, cancellation, and occupying when meeting rescheduled
  • Integration with facilities involved
  • Based on the number of occupants in the meeting room, booking can be done accordingly
  • Digital display outside each meeting room can improve the management of meetings
  • The digital display also can help in planning the next meeting

Whether the booking is scheduled through phone, in-person, or emails, the information is fed into the central system and captured in real-time. It also removes the risk of double-booking. Hence you will always have updated information on the availability of meeting rooms at all times.


The meeting room can be accessed at any time, 24/7. From a commercial point of view, your facility is available for booking proficiently, increasing productivity as no meeting is kept waiting. Your rooms and facility can offer a genuine revenue-generating opportunity for the organization. The meeting room booking system makes it easier to find what is required and when, while checkout can be done swiftly without any hassle. If you’re looking for a Meeting Room Booking System, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or connect with us via WhatsApp.

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