Meet Spellfire, the Legendary Collectible Card Game Reimagined Blockchain by@spellfire

Meet Spellfire, the Legendary Collectible Card Game Reimagined Blockchain

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Back in the early 1990s, the first collectible card games (CCGs) began hitting store shelves and were an instant hit. And they only gained momentum in the years that followed. Today, the global collectible card game market brings in over $3 billion every year.

But what's most impressive about their rise is the legions of fans each new addition to the market creates. And those loyal fans don't just enjoy the games themselves. They immerse themselves into the worlds those games create, becoming avid collectors of both the cards and any other game-related items they can find.

And the connection between a CCG and its players is stronger than you think. We here at Spellfire would know because our game represents a fan-driven new version release of one of CCG's oldest and most beloved titles.

But the game's copyright owner abandoned it, leaving us fans to pick up the pieces. And we're doing just that by launching an all-new blockchain and NFT-based game that picks up where the original left off. Here's how we're doing it and why we believe our game is going to become the new standard by which all other CCGs are judged.

The Rebirth of Spellfire

The original Spellfire game didn't last very long – surviving just over three years after its launch before going out of print. And when that happened the Spellfire community didn't have any choice but to watch the game they loved slowly vanish. But in 2006, the game's owners canceled their trademark, allowing anyone to adopt and use the name.

And that's just what we did.

We purchased the game's long-dormant domain name, re-established its trademark, and started building an all-new version of it. But we wanted to create something that would belong to the game's fans, and not just to ourselves. So we decided to build a digital version of the game, complete with NFT cards that players could own – and profit from.

How Spellfire Works

To bring Spellfire back to life, we've built a new game that pays homage to the original but has its own unique mechanics and lore. And our game uses an app to unite unique real-world cards, augmented reality cards, and NFT-based ownership into a single game experience. By adding NFT cards into the mix, we're giving players the chance to own a part of the game while earning money at the same time.

The game's cards come in three varieties. The first are called original NFT cards. Like all of the game's cards, they feature custom artwork and in-depth descriptions. And each player that owns one gets some amazing benefits.

The first is that they receive a high-quality holographic reprint of their card. That makes the original NFT cards the first NFTs that owners can touch in the real world. But that's not all. There are also 1000 NFT copies of each original NFT that other players can buy. They're called playing NFT cards, and the owner of the original receives 90% of the proceeds from their sales.

Rounding out the game's card types are the non-NFT cards, which are standard-issue printed collectible cards. Each one bears a unique QR code that its owner can scan with the game app to claim ownership of it. From there they can use the game's play-to-earn mechanic to upgrade the power of their copy of the card. And since those upgrades are connected to each individual card's QR code, it's possible to sell those upgraded cards to other players at a profit.

Hundreds of Unique Cards

Because we're long-time fans of the lore behind Spellfire, we're determined to build a new game world that's worthy of the name. And to kick that world off, we've already designed hundreds of new cards to power the game. The first set contains 115 unique designs that players can purchase in the form of NFTs. On their own, they contain enough power and variety to build a complete and competitive card deck

Preparing for Launch

The best part of all of this is that many of our game's cards are already available from our shop on OpenSea. That means players can already start building a deck to compete against all comers as soon as the full game launches. And we're hard at work getting ready for that to happen. So in the meantime, we hope CCG players from all over will take the time to come and check out what we've created. We're excited to be bringing a beloved game back to life and reimagining it for a new generation of fans. And we hope you'll join us in turning the new Spellfire into a legend in its own right.

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