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Heyo Hacker,

Sometimes you just got to say f*ck your daily responsibilities and build something simple. Hit that moment this week myself, and built ami polls. For now, it’s our most popular Twitter polls and an ask for you to contribute your poll idea/s through our distribution network. We’re getting tons of voters for ideas like, “which social media site causes the most negative externalities?” and “what industry will blockchain technology disrupt the most?” We can do a lot with these polls. Your ideas can drive what we publish. Get involved at AMIpolls.com.

This week’s top twelve tech stories:

How to Structure Your Organization to Profit from Chaos by Mohammed Ali Vakil

How Mesh Networking Will Make IoT Real by Jeffrey Lee

Framework or language? Get off my lawn! by Adam Zachary Wasserman

No Need to Come to the Office: Making Remote Work by Jurriaan Kamer

Sentiment Analysis in Cryptocurrency by Blake Urban

Blockchain Twitter Chat with John McAfee hosted by Adel de Meyer

⚛ The React State Museum by Gant Laborde.

Prime Numbers using Python by Michael Galarnyk

How to Setup Bitcoin Historical Price Data for Algo Trading in Five Minutes by Alpaca

Is Facebook reading my ‘encrypted’ WhatsApp conversations? by babulous

Beyond “Outcomes Over Outputs” by John Cutler

Seed Fundraising — Term Sheet Problems Part 3 — Side Letters by Ash Rust

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted. Or just keep working for another’s tech dream — who am i to judge?

Kind Regards,

David Smooke, AMI :-)


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