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MacDroid: Synchronize Android with Mac Easily

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Nowadays,  macOS continues to be one of the most used operating systems. Also, more and more people give up Windows and give preference to MacOS, as they think that it is the most flexible and effective system for work and rest. However, the biggest problem with which all Mac users face is its compatibility. This is where MacDroid proves useful.

What is MacDroid?

As you notice, every time you try to transfer Android files to your Mac, it takes you a lot of time and makes your life more difficult, but at last, we found the way out. We wish the file transfer between Mac and Android becomes as easy as Apple devices to your Mac.

That's why we developed the brilliant program called MacDroid. The best android file transfer program for mac which allows you to move music files, videos, and contacts, as well as edit files from your Android device to your Mac.

MacDroid was created to make your life easier and more comfortable, so it doesn’t take too long to transfer files between devices.


Why MacDroid is worth your attention

The first advantage is that it can work without special cables or complicated solutions. You just need to connect your Android device to your Mac via USB.

Also, you'll get access to its content directly in the Finder, right after your device is plugged in.

The second important feature of MacDroid is that it allows you to transfer easily different files to your Mac and you can save, send and process them right there on your device. Thus, you don't have to accumulate an enormous number of photos and videos on your Android devices anymore. The third benefit of this program is the fact that it affords to transfer from your Mac to your Android phone audio files, albums, and playlists, thanks to its compatibility with iTunes.

Moreover, you can move tv series and movies, and watch them no matter whenever you are. Just imagine you have new episodes on your computer that you'd like to watch on your device, so MacDroid will transfer them, and you can relax and enjoy them.

The other important feature of MacDroid is that you get the possibility to make changes in files on your Android device immediately from your Mac. Moreover, it is easy to do. You just need to connect your phone, edit the files on Mac, and save your changes.

MacDroid supports any MTP devices and you can work with both MTP and ADB.

What's more, you’re able to manage with entire folders and upload your entire library onto your portable device.

So, we underline a lot of benefits of our fantastic program, but if you are still not sure to be or not to be a user of MacDroid, you can try out a free 7-day trial and check out all possibilities of it by yourself.

How to Connect Your Android Device to Your Mac?

There are different solutions for connecting Your Android Device to Your Mac. The first and most reliable way is by using a USB cable.

In simple terms, it looks like a physical connection of both devices, which allows you to move files in USB mode and process them right from your phone. Also, ADB can control your device over USB from your Mac, so if you have to work somewhere abroad or it’s necessary for you to reorganize your files, you can always use your Mac device to make it quicker.

The second one is connecting with wi-fi. But it's nothing as secure as the previous one and you can face the problem of the weak signal of your connection.

Moreover, you need to download an add-on module onto your device to make it capable of connecting and have two devices within reach. The third way is to use cloud-storage solutions to move files between Mac and Android. It allows you to keep all your files on the online platform for free and access it from any device.

It's a great solution to store contact information and documents there, but it takes a lot of time to upload music libraries and video files. That's why we recommend you to use a USB cable, speaking of data transfer between Android and Mac. This way of data transmission is the most convenient, and you haven't to overcome different obstacles.


Can you still live without this program? 

Well, in our article we singled out all the advantages of this program and its functions. Your life will never be the same with it. Just imagine how much time it takes you to transfer your files from Android to  Mac and vice versa every day.

Don't be in a hurry,  try all the functions, and see how much time you save. If you enjoy it, for just $1.67 a month, you'll be able to get the PRO version of this program and have access to the additional functions, which were not available in the free trial.

Check out MacDroid here: https://www.macdroid.app/


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