Lympo: Monetize You Personal Fitness Data On The Blockchain

What is Lympo?

The fitness and wellness industry has seen a major boom since the wide adoption of smartphones. Nowadays most people don’t just work, many also track their progress through the use of their smart phones, wearables and accompanying fitness apps.

Although this data is being willing collected by millions of users around the world, much of it is not yet being leverage. However, Lympo employs blockchain technology to make it possible for users to monetize their data, and make it available to all those in the health and fitness industry who may be able to utilize the information of a wide range of applications.

In 2016 the number of mHealth apps more and doubled, and the number of app store downloads tilled up to a massive 3.2 billion. This adds up to a lot of a data, data that is currently, for the most part, going unused. Lympo aims finally leverage this data by allowing everyone, from personal trainers, gyms, sports apparel and healthy food producers to health insurers and even companies looking to incentivize employees to maintain an active lifestyle, the opportunity to benefit from the cross-platform fitness and wellness data exchange.

What problems does Lympo solve?

Currently all the data collected by the large number of different mHealth apps is not cross compatible and prior to the development of Lympo, there exists no single platform where users can go to access such data. Lympo provides the means of interconnecting these existing apps, as well as any future apps, and also introduces a reward mechanism that encourage users to share their data, and participate in the maintenance of the platform.

Market segmentation and lack of incentive to integrate leaves a large gap in the market. Resolving these issues would lead to the development of new wave of applications and services that could dramatically improve the health and fitness industry, provide better analysis and results for data-driven sports, and also improve medical care, and insurance policies.

How does Lympo work?

Lympo utilizes the anonymous, distributed architecture of the blockchain to manage the exchange of data and securely store transaction records. This allows users to access all data generated on the network, and a record of all previous transactions of data exchanged is stored on each users system.

Personal health data is not stored on the blockchain itself, instead it is kept on servers, or nodes, thorough the peer-to-peer network. The blockchain only serves as the payment and processing tool to transact the exchange of data.

All data on and off-chain is encrypted when storing, exchanging and viewing. The end-to-end encryption can only be unmasked when two trusted parties approve.

Transactions are carried out by smart contracts that are tied to the blockchain in order to execute specific actions when certain conditions are met. This replaces the function of most middlemen and intermediary services, thus reducing the need for human input and in turn, lowering costs as well as the risk of errors.

User generated data can be complied from many resources including smart phone health apps, hospital and medical records, an gyms/fitness centers where clients are tracked with wearables and other electronic fitness devices.

Technology behind Lympo

Lympo will initially unit more than 500 fitness professionals, and later expand to incorporate a large network of sports, health and wellness goods and services providers.

User-generated, user-controller data from mHealth and fitness apps will be exchanged using a predetermined value of LYM utility tokens. The goal is create an ecosystem within which all participants are rewarded fairly.

Lympo consists of three major modules, the marketplace, the user-reward system and the crowd funding platform, as well as three components, the Lympo platform, the blockchain, and the user community.

The three core modules are:

The marketplace: This will contain listings of all goods and services on the platform, it will also allow for premium listings, as well as aftersales add-ons like reminders and health advice. It will serve as the market entry tool for the user-generated data with the goal to expand with more partners accepting LYM tokens.

The user reward system: Users are rewarded in LYM tokens for sharing their data with others. A unique feature of the rewards programs allows personal trainers and coaches to incentivize clients to meet targets and receive tokens for their efforts.

Crowd funding platform: This is the investment platform that enables LYM token holders to invest promising fitness/wellness/health start-ups. Opportunities will receive rating from major sports, health and fitness, and wellness market players, access to the large database will also help immediately get new ideas, products and services into the hands of potential customers, clients, users, etc.

Three main components are:

Lympo Platform: These are the core components, developed by the Lympo team and partners that form the platform itself.

Blockchain: Lympo is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and uses smart contracts to exceute transactions, LYM tokens to fund transactions and ties in crypto wallets for use on the platform.

User community: The community is made up of activate members who become part of the ecosystem to find trainers, partners, make agreements, share data and get rewarded.

Actors (Users) on Lympo

The platform is geared towards all health conscious people, who may choose to use the system as one of 4 types of ‘actors’. Depending on the user position in the market, be that as a company, head of a sports team/facility, or as an individual wishing to get more out of their workout regime. Actors on the Lympo platform may include:

Data Owners

Individuals who want to improve their physical condition, share their data and be rewarded for doing so. These users will create most of the data on the network, and retain full control over it.

Trainers/Physicians/Sports Inventory Makers/Gyms

Trainers and physicians will also be able to utilize user data to help meet targets and to construct more effective workouts. In addition they will be able to create reward programs to incentivize clients to meet their targets.

Date Proxy Companies

Using the Lympo API third-party companies will be encouraged to developed additional solutions for fitness/wellness data aggregated by the platform. These data centers may not use the data themselves, but would instead act as a resource for others to easily obtain data.

Data Processing Companies

Another third-party actor on the platform, data processing companies serve to analyze the data to detect habits and trends and to proposed new ideas or better processes for a range of health related programs. They may also utilize the open API to develop solutions, however the team thinks it more likely that data proxy companies will be responsible for the development of solutions, whereas data processing companies will spend time devising new insurance plans and more convenient pricing models for other subscription services.

Security Measures

Although fitness and wellness data is not as sensitive as medical records, and thus does not fall under HIPAA legislation, the platform still boasts the highest-level of security using the latest cyber practices.

All data on the platform is encrypted using a modern algorithm, and all communications are protected by TLA. The database is only open to a select few with access credentials, who will be audited and rotated often.

Periodic checks will be made on the system to identify and possibly prevent any technical issues. The database will be backed up in a timely manner, and the team will also establish a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to assist in the event of any serious problems.

Data will be sorted on HIPAA compliant cloud hosted servers from service providers such as AWS, and security measures will be built-in from the ground up. The system architecture will also undergo periodic audit and testing by security experts looking to uncover bugs and other potential issues.

Finally, security measure will be extended to all users of the platform, who may take the opportunity to enter the private bug-bounty program in which white-hat hackers may ‘attack’ the system to detect any problems not picked up by the team and security auditors.

Valuable Lympo Information

Coin Name : Lympo (LYM)

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 LYM

Market Cap : Hard Cap 14.625 ETH = 650 million LYM Soft Cap 15%

Ico Price : 1 LYM = 0.0234 USD (0.00003 ETH)

Tokens/Money Raised Through ICO : $5,500,000 USD raised

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Staff / Team Info

Name : Ada Jonuse

Title : CEO Founder

Bio: Co-founder of, a platform to find the best personal trainers, adviser to ETHLend, a decentralized lending platform, blockchain events speaker and organiser, named an emerging European tech star by the Financial Times, Google and other New Europe 100 list partners. Previous experience: VC Labas Ventures (Seattle, U.S.), European Parliament, United Nations. Sports: yoga, running.

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Name : Patric Brown

Title : Solution Architect

Bio: Blockchain and business automation expert with 2+ year of experience at Asta, a leading End-To-End professional managed IT service provider to the SMB market in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong & Singapore. Pat joined Asta in Melbourne, Australia, after his studies in business, management and information systems.

LinkedIn :

Name : Marius Silenskis

Title : Head of Operations

Bio: Founder of AnyIdeas — IT and creative advertising agency. IT project manager with 5+ years of digital project management experience working with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Newsec, and GCube. Key areas of expertise: IT team management, exceptional taste and understanding of modern design, advanced programming skills in several languages. Sports: fitness.

LinkedIn :

Name : Justas Kregzde

Title : Smart Contract Lead

Bio: Online gaming software developer with 12+ years experience. An author & contributor to 10 published iOS and Android games. 3+ years experience as an online poker software developer. Over the last year, he has been focusing on blockchain related projects & smart contracts.

LinkedIn :

Name : Adomas Dicius

Title : Senior Full Stack Developer

Bio: Travelling entrepreneur with a background in ICT engineering and 4+ years experience in full-stack development and UX design. Having worked in various start-ups, Adomas is now a co-founder and CTO at a start-up disrupting the wholesale food business industry Smackway and an independent IT consultant and developer. Sports: yoga.

LinkedIn :

Name : Tadas Maurukas

Title : Head of Digital Marketing

Bio: Passionate marketing strategist. Tadas use most effective tools to generate ROI for various businesses ranging from local start-ups to international multi-million profit companies like Mercedes-Benz. Tadas joined the crypto community back in 2014 and has remained involved ever since. Sports: no sweat. Chess and online poker.

LinkedIn :

Name : Karoline Von Tschurtschenthaler

Title : Legal and Operations

Bio: Attorney, strategist and blockchain advocate, Karoline holds a Business Law Master (LL.M) from London School of Economics and specialises in IP/IT law. 3+ years of consulting experience for start-ups in legal and business matters focusing on setting up legal structures, operations, business strategy and global expansion. Sports: certified yoga teacher.

LinkedIn :

Name : Dimitra Papadopoulou

Title : Healthcare Partnership

Bio: Expert on blockchain for healthcare and medical research, senior information systems manager with experience at Airbus, Prosieben Media, Accenture and the European Commission, founder of meHealthX, lead consultant at CGI (Germany) for the public sector and healthcare in blockchain use cases.

LinkedIn :

Name : Zivile Kairyte

Title : Community Manager

Bio: 2+ years experience in sales, human resources and marketing. Worked with B2B and B2C companies to ensure their customer satisfaction targets. Addicted to growing brands and creative adverts. Sports: horseback riding.

LinkedIn :

Name : Ernesta Petkevičiūtė

Title : UX/UI Expert

LinkedIn :

Name : Domas Ambrazevičius

Title : Graphic Designer

Bio: Senior graphic designer and animator at AnyIdeas creative advertising agency. Always looking for new inspirations, loves travelling the world and experiences everything he can. Sports: skiing, voleyball.

LinkedIn :

Name : Antanas Guoga

Title : Cryptoeconomics & Business

Bio: Member of European Parliament. Also known as TonyG, Antanas is a serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and a well-known poker player. He is actively participating in political discussions regarding cryptocurrencies and cyber security. Cryptoeconomy expert and advisor of Bankera and CoinPoker token sale projects.

LinkedIn :

Name : Sonic Zhang

Title : Investments

Bio: Co-founder and Global Director of 20 Nations League of Blockchain (B20), an international NGO focused on bridging blockchain and crypto-currency communities worldwide. And the co-founder of ValueBank Group, a global network of fiat-crypto exchanges, with a crypto wallet and payment solution. Founder of ValueNet Capital, focusing on investing in blockchain startup and cryptos. Co-founder of Murint Capital, a VC Fund for tech and entertainment industries. Founder of SoRelax, a global platform for cross border marketing and services. Sonic has a MPM and a BE in Mechatronics from University of Sydney.

Name : Danilo S. Carlucci

Title : Marketing & Growth

Bio: Startup founder, growth hacker and marketing expert with 6+ years experience. Currently at Google, leading YouTube’s community efforts in the UK.

LinkedIn :

Name : Dr. David Manset

Title : Tech

Bio: Senior engineer and blockchain entrepreneur focusing on technologies for sensitive medical data sharing. Former CEO of cerebro, cloud platform for large-scale imaging analyses for clinical trials, founder and CEO of gnubila, data privacy solution designer, Head of Research and Innovation at Almerys, healthcare delivery data management company managing uniting 230.000 professionals and part of My Health My Data consortium, EU leader in blockchain for healthcare solutions. Currently CEO of be-studys.

LinkedIn :

Name : Hainan Hu

Title : Tech

Bio: Security engineer and white-hat hacker. Security engineer at Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Berlin. Previously worked in companies like Zalando and SoundCloud. Hainan is a red team (offensive security) specialist, but able to do blue team (defensive security) as well. Hainan’s skill set: penetration testing, security architecture review, threat modelling, risk assessment, training.

LinkedIn :

Name : Bill Angelidis

Title : Business & asset management

Bio: Bill, aka ‘Pick’, is a highly experienced all-rounder — software engineer, director, marketer and strategist. Bill is the Managing Director at Asta Solutions, an IT services company based in Melbourne which he co-founded in 1999. He’s also CEO at, Director and Treasurer at VACRO and a Director at The Art Cabriolet. He loves volunteering for good causes and his local soccer team, Hawthorn Football Club.

LinkedIn :

Name : Aleks Sotirovski

Title : Tech

Bio: Senior software developer. Previously, founder of Gympro, a client management tool for fitness professionals, uniting 3000+ professionals in United States, Australia, New Zealand and UK. Currently, senior developer at ELMO Talent Management Software.

LinkedIn :

Name : Nerijus Skruodys

Title : Tech

Bio: Senior software engineer passionate about blockchain technology with more than 15 years of experience in the analysis, technical design and development of software solutions using various technologies (C++, ASP.NET, Java, etc.). Currently coordinating development of several IT projects in an international public sector organisation.

LinkedIn :

Name : Viktoras Vatinas

Title : Business & asset management

Bio: CFA: portfolio manager at Partners Group (Zug, Switzerland) managing private debt funds, private loans, private credit strategies, asset allocation, cash level management. Former investment analyst at XL Catlin (Zurich, Switzerland), private banker and research assistant at the Swiss Finance Institute.

LinkedIn :

Name : Tomas Gurvicius

Title : Business & asset management

Bio: Crypto-investor, Dash Digital Cash community member, a partner at Crypto Tax & Legal and an advisor for various blockchain related projects.

LinkedIn :

Name : Stan Kuliavas

Title : Business & Asset Management

Bio: Vice President, Sales & Business Development at Levaero Aviation, Toronto, Canada. Investor & philanthropist. Former NCAA basketball coach. Passionate about basketball and sports, organiser of basketball charity events and other pro & amateur sports-related activities.

LinkedIn :

Name : Jürgen Eckel

Title : Business & Asset Management

Bio: Jürgen Eckel who is currently a Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Digital Ventures in Berlin.

In his years as a consultant Jürgen gained profound knowledge not only in management and strategic consulting, but also in the payment industry and fintech.

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