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Lordmancer II partners with Lykke to create a customized blockchain wallet

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Lordmancer II (http://lordmancer2.io) is a mobile MMO RPG in which players can use crypto token Lord Coin for in-game trading. To make more use of Lord Coins, players should have an easy way to buy and sell Lord Coins for either fiat money or cryptocurrency.

Lordmancer II is partnering with Lykke (lykke.com), a FinTech company building a global marketplace on the blockchain.

The developer of Lordmancer II, Active Games LLC will create a customized Lordmancer II wallet based on Lykke Payments API. The wallet will allow Lordmancer II players to store, buy and sell LordCoins for fiat and cryptocurrencies.

It is crucial that players will have a mobile application which will allow them to easily operate with cryptocurrency. We strongly believe that Lordmancer II will bring a lot of new people to the blockchain world. The game may as well be their first experience of using cryptocurrency.

Lordmancer II game is available for beta testing on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from http://lordmancer2.io

Lordmancer II is conducting an ICO, which soft cap is already reached. The game is going to be launched globally in 2018. The wallet will be created and published in Q1 2018.

See more details on http://lordmancer2.io


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