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Will the kitten problem be solved?

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Ethereum network is completely overloaded. 24K pending transactions right now. Lordmancer II ICO (http://lordmancer2.io) smart contract cannot receive some payments for days. Etherescan.io shows transactions as pending for 30–40 minutes, then they disappear and then appear once again. And this lasts for a couple of days already. A total mess.

What happened?

The number of pending transactions has been dramatically increased during last days as it shown on the chart below.

What is the reason? The Kittens!!! Just look at the list of pending transactions:

One game running on Ethereum can completely destroy the blockchain network. Only miners win. Everybody try to increase the gas price. 5 days ago you could send a transaction with 0.1 Gwei gas price and it was processed successfully, now the price should be at least 40 Gwei. Will the minimum be 60 Gwei tomorrow? Will a transaction cost $3 as in Bitcoin blockchain?

I hope Vitalik has a solid plan how to improve the network. Otherwise centralized platforms will rule the world for ages.

What do you think? How can this problem be solved? Share your opinions!


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