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List Of Performance Monitoring Tools

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Online businesses essentially depend on their websites for profits, ROI or whatever their end goal is.

Which helps us realize that the actual mode to make money online is by setting up a constantly functioning online site (website).

Now we know that the only way to survive online is by putting up a healthy website which will unceasingly be available for users to reach us.

In other terms, the predominant aim for any business is to provide a seamless experience to its users. Which blindly depends on the uptime of websites and applications that users are given access to reaching out businesses based on one’s need.

Here comes the use of performance monitoring tools, from the website, server, application, network performance monitoring to real user monitoring.

These tools keep track of application programs and constantly update us with uptime, downtime, and other essential details on a single clear dashboard.

What do performance monitoring tools offer?

Performance monitoring tools are always up to date and will constantly provide us with every business-critical instances based on priority.

And the vital usage of any performance monitoring tool is, it fetches data from many such monitoring applications and combine them coherently on a single correlation platform and a dashboard.

What else about performance monitoring tool?

Many of us might have our application programs hosted on a private cloud (aka hybrid cloud), the performance of these resources are predominantly monitored by CAPM (cloud application performance monitoring).

For instance: Whenever there is a problem, the designated administrator can be alerted via an email, text, call or any other medium (on integration with Zapier) for a quicker fix.

Sometimes the alerts are dispatched in a predetermined way with the help of predictive failure alert (PFA).

What do application or performance monitoring tools aid us with?

  • Identifies performance affecting issues
  • Monitors applications constantly
  • Gathers data on all fronts of an app’s performance
  • Gathers usage and application performance metrics

Well, from the following list pick out the application performance monitoring tool (APM) that best suits you.

Website Monitoring Tools

Server Monitoring Tools

Network Monitoring Tools

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Real User Monitoring Tools

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