LinkedIn Algorithm 2023: Tips & Tricks You Must Know to Go Viralby@annalooksup
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1,028 reads

LinkedIn Algorithm 2023: Tips & Tricks You Must Know to Go Viral

by AnnalooksupFebruary 17th, 2023
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How to increase post visibility 3x times? What post format is performing the best? What are big no-no's when posting on Linkedin? Why comments are so important?
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Sick of posting on LinkedIn only to have your content disappear into the black hole of its algorithm-driven newsfeed? No worries, just read this article to elevate your content to maximum virality and get the recognition it deserves.

💁‍♀️ DOs

📢 Don’t forget to add a comment to your post after 24 hours with #newinsight!

🔖 Use tags wisely — only if you’re sure people will share. Too many tags that don’t lead to shares can decrease impressions.

😃Emojis are great for readability, but try to limit them to no more than 10 and not more than 4 on one line.

🤳Selfies in personal posts can give you up to 2.5x more reach and a boost of 3x engagement!

💬 Opt for posts with 1,200–1,600 characters for 2.4x better reach and engagement, compared to shorter posts with less than 1,000 characters.

🔍 Set your privacy settings to “Anyone” for who can see and comment on your post.

✍️ Create a personal hashtag to easily track your content.

🌟 After publishing, engage with at least 3 posts from your network for an extra 20% reach.

📅 Aim to post at least twice a week.

🏷️ Use 3–10 hashtags in your post, including a mix of high and low-rate hashtags.

🙅‍♀️ DON’Ts

🌍 Avoid posting bilingual content, meaning the same text in two different languages, in the same post.

⏰ Limit yourself to just one post per 18 hours.

💻 Avoid editing posts within the first 10 minutes after posting, as it can result in a 10–40% decrease in impressions.

⚪️ Don’t use 2 or more consecutive white spaces

⚪️ Avoid using only one line of text and multiple white spaces, as LinkedIn will display the “see more” option.

⚪️ Make sure to include at least 4 lines of text to provide sufficient “dwell time” and avoid the “see more” option.

🔠 Don’t use more than 3 lines of text in a different font type.

📩 Best Times to Post

Sun1 pm — 3:30 pm
Mon10 am — 1 pm
Tue8 am — 11:30 pm
Wed9 am — 12:30 nn
Thu8 am — 11:30 pm
Fri1 pm — 3 pm
Sat 10 am — 2 pm

😎Don’t Just Repost. Add Your Thoughts. It Will Boost Your Content by 30%.

  • Add a description of at least 100 words to provide context and add value to the original post.

  • Use 3–5 unique hashtags that are relevant to your post, but different from the hashtags used in the original post.

  • Tag the owner of the original post that you’re sharing.

  • Encourage the original owner to comment on your post within the first hour to create a sense of community and engagement.

  • Respond to all comments within the first 2 hours after posting to keep the conversation going.

🤔 Which Format Is Performing the Best?

From the best to the worst performing:

😀 SLIDE POSTS. 2.2x more reach than average.

😀 Polls

😀new: Carousel post

🙂 Text with multiple pictures

🙂 Text with a single picture

🙂 Video posts

😐 Post with one external link

😐 Celebrate an occasion

😐 Post with more than one link

🏆 Best Performer: Slide Post. How to Make It Work?

  • Aim to have 7 slides in your presentation. Don’t go over 11 slides, but don’t have less than 4 either.

  • Keep each slide concise, with no more than 60 words per slide.

  • Your first slide should have a powerful visual, with less than 15 words, to catch people’s attention.

  • Write a post with a maximum of 2,000 characters to accompany your slide deck.

  • Avoid sharing PDFs of magazines that aren’t specifically designed for LinkedIn, as it can result in a reach reduction of up to 8 times.

  • Make sure to include a captivating, non-commercial CTA on your final slide.

  • Adding a picture of yourself can boost your reach by 80–90%.

🙊 The Link in the Post Decreases Impressions. How to Avoid It?

A link in the initial post can result in a significant decrease in reach, about 55–60% less compared to a text post or a single image post. But don’t worry, there is a workaround!

Instead of adding the link in the initial post, you can wait until the post has gone live and then edit the post to include the link. The penalty for editing your post has also decreased, with a loss of only 10% in reach compared to 25% in 2021.

🗣️ 5 Ways to Use Comments to Promote Your Post

Commenting is one of the most valuable actions you can take on LinkedIn. The algorithm prioritizes interaction, making comments a key factor in getting your content seen by more people.

  1. Add value by providing additional insights based on your expertise. Share what appeals to you about the post, and add your own unique perspective.

  2. Summarize the key takeaways of the post. By commenting, you are making the original post visible to your network. You can reinforce your brand by summarizing the post in your comment.

  3. Ask questions. Use the post as a starting point for a discussion and engage with other members. Connect with those who add value to the conversation.

  4. Tag your network. If you see a relevant discussion that aligns with someone’s expertise or knowledge in your network, give them the opportunity to contribute by tagging them in your comment.

🙌 That is pretty much it. Now, you’ll be well on your way to creating content that stands out on LinkedIn. Remember, engagement is key and the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. So get out there and start making connections!