Brands in Web3: Metaverse Fashion Week Agenda, Why Porsche Could Do Better With NFTS, and Moreby@annalooksup
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Brands in Web3: Metaverse Fashion Week Agenda, Why Porsche Could Do Better With NFTS, and More

by AnnalooksupMarch 6th, 2023
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Brands in Web3: what's metaverse fashion week agenda, why Porshe could do better with NFTs and who is the virtual competitor of Gigi Hadid?

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🙌 Hi Web3 Folks!

🔹First things first — Metaverse fashion week by Decentraland is confirmed for March 28–31, 2023. Here is what fashion brands are coming with this year:

  • Adidas will debut its “NFT-T” collection, which includes wearable non-fungible tokens that give access to exclusive experiences.

  • Gucci will present its “AR Capsule Collection,” which combines augmented reality and digital fashion.

  • Balenciaga will showcase its “Digital Couture” collection, featuring exclusively designed garments that exist only in the metaverse.

  • Louis Vuitton will present its “LV World” experience, which will showcase its iconic trunks and bags in the metaverse.

  • Burberry will debut its “Virtual Wardrobe” collection, which includes customizable digital clothing.

  • Prada will present its “Avatars” collection, which features digital avatars wearing the brand’s latest designs.

  • Off-White will showcase its “Virtual Archive” collection, featuring digital replicas of some of its most iconic designs.

  • Ralph Lauren will present its “Digital Denim” collection, featuring customizable virtual jeans.

  • Chanel will present its “Metaverse Make-up Studio,” which allows users to virtually try on the brand’s latest makeup products.

  • Dior will showcase its “Virtual Runway” collection, featuring digital replicas of its latest couture designs.

    What Else Is Going On With Brands in Web3:

    🔹Moncler — As part of its The Art Of Genius installation and event that took place in London, Moncler handed out free bespoke NFTs as gifts to all attending guests. The tokens were designed by digital artist Antoni Tudisco and will give holders early access to future Moncler Genius collections.

    🔹Balmain has partnered with the digital fashion community Space Runners to translate Unicorn sneakers into phygital wearables that unlock special powers and bridge Web2 with Web3.

🔹Shiseido — To celebrate its 150 years anniversary, Shiseido has unveiled 150 NFTs with each edition featuring its signature camellia shape as the base form.

The AI-generated designs for Shiseido were finalized with a human touch by the creative agency CULT.5

🔹Deloitte has announced the launch of a new immersive experience platform at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The platform is designed to give businesses a space to build virtual spaces and digital wallets for offering loyalty points & point-of-sale redemption.

🔹Maybelline New York has created a digital ambassador May to promote its new Falsies Surreal Extensions Mascara. Their first avatar will feature in the campaign, which “merges the real and virtual worlds”, alongside global brand ambassador Gigi Hadid.

Hi, May!

🦊 MetaMask & Unity! With the launch of the MetaMask SDK in the Unity Asset Store, developers can now connect their games to the MetaMask web3 wallet. This opens up a world of web3-enabled features that users can interact with directly in the game.

🔹Porsche. The short story of how Porsche stumbled in its NFT launch. Just read this article. A lot to learn from that launch.

Porsche car owners benefit from an exclusive network formed around the love for these luxury vehicles, and there was no reason why this model couldn’t have been transposed onto a digital platform via their NFT holders.

🔹The Home Depot is building an immersive metaverse experience for kids on the Roblox virtual gaming platform

🔹Snoop Dogg, A.K.A Cozomo de’ Medici, announced an #ArtTank Tuesday campaign in partnership with crypto casino, Rollbit on the anniversary of Medici Emerging Collection.

That’s it for today!

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