Launching on PH: the Open Source Shopify Alternative by@medusajs

Launching on PH: the Open Source Shopify Alternative

Our open source Shopify alternative finally went live on Product Hunt today. We have been building our nodejs based open source headless commerce platform for +2 years and we are so excited to show the latest version to you!
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The open-source Shopify alternative

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Medusa live on Product Hunt: 🎉


  • 🏆 Celebrating the launch with competitions (and nice prizes) throughout the day on our Discord and you are welcome to join!
  • 🖥️ We revamped our entire Admin system with a new design and an improved UI along with the launch
  • 🗺️ Will focus more on expanding core functionality in the coming months

Launch + New Admin

The Launch

Today Medusa officially launched on Product Hunt. Whether you are familiar with our engine or are hearing about it for the first time, we hope you will check it out and provide feedback on what we have built 🙏

To celebrate the launch, we will have a few different competitions starting throughout the day on our Discord where you will have the chance to will cool merch if you are quick to crack our puzzles and spot our “easter-eggs”. Check out our #ph-launch channel on Discord for more info.

Admin revamp

Medusa has been live for quite a while now, but still our launch marks a quite special day for us as this is the first major overhaul we are introducing of our admin platform. We have made an end-to-end revamp of our design and styling. With the new styling, we have also built a more intuitive UI that is easy to use for people new to Medusa. Oh, we also did a slight change in branding colours and website along with it 💜

Image description

Image description

For more screens, check out our Product Hunt launch

Future (and past) focus of Medusa

Past months: Making it easy to get started

For the past months, we have been rather focused on building a lot of functionality that made it easy for developers to get started with Medusa. Among other things, we have introduced:

  • Medusa.Express: One-page checkout flow that allows you to use Medusa without a storefront, but basically sell directly via URLs
  • Medusa Frontend starter: Enabling you to get a full storefront out of the box when setting up Medusa
  • Quick starter: Enabling you to get started with only three lines of code and easily use pre-built integrations to CMSs, Payment, analytics etc.

Coming months: Strengthening the core

In the coming months, our focus will move towards our engine expanding some of the core Medusa functionality such as:

  • Improving our promotions API: Giving more granular control of product availability, discount starts and similar while enabling more targeted discounts (e.g. towards loyal customer groups)
  • Bulk import/export: To better handle large portions of data extracts / inputs of products, orders, customers etc.
  • Introducing strategies: enabling developers to override core logic in Medusa in cases where such overrides are necessary (e.g. when we make opinionated decisions in our code)

With the updated Admin, we have a strong foundation to build much of this functionality up around. We cannot wait to share more of it with you in the coming weeks where we will also give a more detailed product roadmap - stay tuned! 🔥

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