Launching MaskUp on Facebook’s Camera using AR Studio (Beta)

Update 18 August 2017

We have a lot more effects available on Facebook now. Take a look here:

Ever since Facebook announced AR Studio, we have been eagerly waiting to create Augmented Reality Selfie Effects on Facebook’s Camera platform. So, a couple of weeks back, we got the invite to the Beta program and we have had the chance to create Selfie experiences using AR Studio.

We have created two camera effects, Mighty Tiger and Turban Mania, using Facebook’s AR Studio (Beta), and we are working on a lot more. Here’s how you can get them:

  1. Like our page
  2. Open FB Camera (Tap the camera icon at the top left on your FB feed)
  3. Tap on the Mask icon on the bottom navigation bar, and our two masks, Mighty Tiger and Turban Mania, should show up for you there.
Facebook Camera Selection

Needless to say, the AR Studio platform is incredibly powerful, and we have just started working with it. We will be constantly developing new effects that use many of the features available on AR Studio.

Mighty Tiger

Mighty Tiger Icon

This effect is an experiential single person effect that is a tribute to India’s national animal, Tiger. The effect starts off with a spectacled, loveable, yet realistic version of the Tiger, and on opening your mouth, we reveal a luminescent, slightly scary version of the Tiger (with an amazing smoke effect from the Tiger’s mouth). Try it!

Turban Mania

Turban Mania Icon

Social, fun, dance, music! This effect has all these ingredients to make it fun to get some cool selfies with friends. We support up to 4 faces, each face getting a different Turban. To go with the effect, we have an upbeat Bhangra beat ( This is bound to be fun and entertaining!

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