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You Shouldn't Launch A Startup Without AI-Based CMS Workflows

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Launching a startup comes with a lot of difficulties and could prove very unnerving. You definitely will want to come up with lots of content and managing this will cost you a lot in financial and human resources if done manually. 

You must by now be used to different types and forms of content management systems (CMS) workflows. However, the integration of AI will enhance an upgrade of your CMS workflows resulting in the optimization of your content creation, bring about the streamlining of your content preparation, and eventually play a big role in the improvement of much-desired customer experience across multiple channels. 

With AI, your startup has the opportunity of producing content that is built into more sophisticated indexes, labeled, and broken down into smaller groups. You end up creating the fundamental blocks which you can weave together to support all your different CMS workflows. 

All you have seen of AI and machine learning may just be the tip of the iceberg. They are well-positioned to tremendously transform your brand’s content lifecycle and you only need to utilize the opportunities that are being revealed. 

According to Xena Ugrinsky, the CTO of RocketDocs said: “Beyond document management, most organizations are at the beginning stages of exploring how to apply AI to content management."  You can be sure of deploying AI-based CMS successfully into massive computing, natural language processing (NLP), and visual image processing and come up with very promising results.

What type of personal experiences do your customers have?

If for any reason the type of experience you expose your customers to is like the update from Restore Privacy on October 23, 2019, that NordVPN TLS keys were hacked on one of its servers in Finland (out of approximately 3,000+ servers), then you have a lot of problems on your laps.

Your marketing team will have to go out of the box to fashion out ideas to handle such a negative image, it will take more than AI and machine learning to achieve this feat.

What your marketing team has always labored on is a way to ensure that any potential customer is treated to an experience that will result in a conversion and ultimately a brand loyalist and ambassador, however, the hydra-headed problem is how to enable a personalized customer experience. AI and machine learning have astonishingly brought relief.

You now have the capability to personalize your content and also create an experience that is individualistic.

Without integrating AI, it will be absolutely impossible to tailor page layouts based on every potential customer’s journey as well as attempting to optimize content according to a customer's device and channel. 

You can use AI to create clips of content in small chunks that will still be personalized at the optimal time through any platform.

AI boils down to the magic wand you have been searching for all the while to clip, present, and create content at a go.

Your AI-based CMS software or application is able to gobble up information such as real-time sports, news, talk shows, as well as radio programs at scale. The processing is based on third-party structured data which will programmatically identify on the spot moments and create clips accordingly. 

What your application has ensured is the removal of a lot of manual and mental actions that will definitely come to play before you can create a moment like a single dunking in a basketball game, the exact a sprinter crossed the line or a news program segment.

It used to be herculean trying to create such clips as many moving parts would have been needed to achieve that. 

Another area the CMS workflows will come in handy for your startup is when you have to organize data for your salespeople if they want to embark on interaction with potential customers.

AI eases out the problems encountered in the selection of the right data for any of your salespersons that might be working on a particular proposal. 

You can deploy AI into the identification of benefits that are peculiar to a product which marketing can base on to convert a potential customer or that your salesperson can harp on to conclude a deal. 

Why Do You need to Introduce smarts into CMS Workflows?

Your content may end up been crappy but with AI in your content management, you are certain of having an outcome that is more intelligent and efficient. Effectively, you’ll be able to save a lot of resources in the amount of time spent on writing and editing content with AI, which to a large extent, belong to the more time-consuming phases of CMS workflows. 

AI will ensure that nobody or section in your startup comes up with content that is inconsistent. A new generation of style checking tools can be used to compare any new content to existing content and provide feedback to writers.

CMS workflows will be of very big help in organizing descriptions, photos, and even the different prices of your products. AI can analyze, classify, and combine content to uncover hidden information, which could be such as unexpected similarities, variations, patterns, attributes, and correlations. 

The joy of the whole thing is that it has become relatively easier today to build apps that can enhance that by making use of packaged AI modules that have significantly brought about a reduction in the demand for highly trained mathematicians and analysts to uncover hidden information.


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