Laravel & Vuejs: A Miraculous Combination for Perfect Web Applicationsby@itsmattfitzgerald
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Laravel & Vuejs: A Miraculous Combination for Perfect Web Applications

by Matt FitzgeraldSeptember 13th, 2019
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Laravel & Vue.js: A Miraculous Combination for Perfect Web Applications is a powerful combination for web app development. Laravel is a. powerful Model-View-controller based. based PHP framework for all of the web artisans. Vue.js is a progressive and popular. JS framework that is widely used to create the user interface. It is. carefully designed from scratch that makes it perfectly adaptable. The core library of this. javascript framework is focused on the view layer of the. web application only, and it is extremely easy for a web app developer to pick-up and integrates it with various other libraries or any existing projects.

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With 72% of the market share, PHP is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. Laravel is a powerful Model-View-Controller based PHP framework for all of the web artisans. This open-source PHP framework was created for creating full-featured websites. It is the best choice for web app developers who seeks expressive, simple and elegant toolkit in order to create elegant applications with a good speed. The founders of Laravel value elegance, simplicity, and readability more than anything and designed this PHP framework upholding these values. It is PHP’s fastest-growing framework owing to its scalability, ease of use, and

Before we look for why Laravel developers prefer to use Vue.js for web app development, let’s first have a look at these 2 web development platforms


It is a progressive and popular JS framework that is widely used to create the user interface. Unlike its counterparts, Vue.js is carefully designed from
scratch that makes it perfectly adaptable. The core library of this javascript framework is focused on the view layer of the web application only, and it is extremely easy for a web app developer to pick-up and integrates it with various other libraries or any of the existing projects. With modern supporting libraries and tools, Vue.js is considered capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Web Applications.

Vue.js is a progressive, approachable and incrementally adoptable JS framework that helps to create single-page web applications and tooling. Vue.js is the best JavaScript framework to create an interactive UI that
could capture the user’s imagination. Vue.js is the JS framework that is performant and versatile and can be used to create testable and maintainable codebase.


Laravel is one of the most popular new generation web app frameworks. This open-source PHP based framework was developed by Taylor Otwell in the year 2011 with a prime focus for the web application development following the Model View Controller (MVC) model. And, yes, it is an open-source framework.

Laravel makes web app development tasks an enjoyable, simple and creative experience. They make the web application development process enjoyable and pleasing without sacrificing functionality. They put together the best pieces of other frameworks, comprising frameworks implemented in various other languages.

Now, we are familiar with both platforms, so let us focus on our main objective, which is to understand why Laravel web developers prefer to use Vue.js while creating the user interface of a web application. Also, there are many app development companies using these couples to create secure, scalable and feature-packed web applications.

Combining Laravel and vue.js in your application development project can give you unlimited power to create a power-packed web application that stands out from its competitors. You can gain several additional benefits from these two popular frameworks by including them in your next projects.

Vue.js can provide a richer and more interactive experience and can ease the pain out of the software development process, easing common tasks like routing, Laravel authentication, session and caching.

Like other front-end frameworks, Vue.js gives you the power to divide a web app page into several components, which include their own CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, rendering that piece of the page. Some key features of Laravel include amazing painless routing, ORM, powerful libraries, and simple authentication and many more.

Vue.js is like several other frameworks employees virtual DOMs where the ideal representation of the user interface is kept in memory as JS data structures. Laravel introduces Eloquent ORM, which is an advanced PHP implementation of active record patterns that lets web app developers issue database queries by using PHP syntax.

However, combining these two powerful frameworks into a single project is not an easy task. It takes a team of great expertise to amalgamate these two technologies and create an excellent web application. You need to bring together a team of top laravel and vuejs developers who have mastery of the modalities and who are a legend in the business.

Let’s find the answer to this question in a detailed way:

Everything Happens on the Frontend

Today, web applications on the internet are event-driven. They’re built to make sure visitors have seamless user experience as they would if they used a web application installed on their computer.

Everything happens on the frontend and there is no need to reload the page for the users (thanks to the JavaScript).

Reactive Components Make for an Excellent Event-driven app

Vue lets you create a full-scale web application that is event-driven and possess all activities totally handle on the frontend. In addition to this, it provides composable user components that can be used wherever you wish. Given that it couples nicely with the Laravel framework, you will only need to create a few trips to request data from your Laravel web application and make user-friendly changes by switching components without reloading the page.

You can trigger user interface changes that are seamless with your Vue.js frontend, which in turn provides your users with an amazing experience. It is as simple as making a text on your web page editable or swapping out a full component to load-up a video requested by the user without page reloading.

Given Vue.js’ performance and speed, this happens very smooth and fast without taking up so much of your computer resources.

Building Optimal Complex Frontend Pages

If you think of building a web application with parts that require to update on a frequent basis, you have no other choice than to create the frontend run totally on JavaScript.

The challenge with jQuery or vanilla JavaScript or other JavaScript libraries that don’t have a virtual DOM is that you promptly hit performance issues with the maximum frequency of update increases or the data volume to track for changes significantly increases. Gradually, changes to the DOM will cease to be instantaneous and you start to experience noticeable lags in performance.

When you compose your web application with the Vue components, the dependencies of each component are tracked automatically during its render, so the system understands precisely which component actually required to be updated when there is a data change. This makes all DOM updates use minimal resources, therefore, improving the overall web application efficiency.

Vue.js is also compatible with state managers like Redux, Flux, and Vuex which are pretty excellent in managing data flow in complex web applications. Vue’s utilization of a one-way model of data-binding also makes state management easier in complex web applications.

Single Page Application

I think most of the web developers will agree with me that Single Page Web Applications are the greatest thing to happen on the internet in the last decade. It opens up the web applications to a wider user audience than was possible before.

When you think that many internet users outside of some parts of Europe and America have challenges getting on the internet, you begin to appreciate the role single page applications play in delivering a rich web experience to them.

Your entire application assets get loaded once (and most of it cached), all that your application does as the user engages with it is request data which typically requires low bandwidth to fulfill.

Easy to Learn & Use

Vue is easy to get into. It provides very few options for you as the developer and has a lot of abstracted away. You feel like you are writing plain JavaScript when you use Vue and you can make a simple application with plain JavaScript and it remains valid in Vue.

Another great thing about Vue is that your valid HTML is also a valid Vue template. You can keep your CSS external or you can process it with JavaScript depending on your application needs. You can also take advantage of scoped styling, to apply style changes to a single component on the fly without the change affecting other components.

If you are familiar with JavaScript, you can build a non-trivial application with Vue after just one day of reading the documentation.


In this guide, we’ve looked at what the front end development tool Vue.js can do and how it can work along with PHP framework Laravel. We also have explored various reasons why you should consider using laravel with Vue js. We have also seen how to use Vue with Laravel, including making a single page web application that’ll run on Laravel.